2018 Interior Design Trends

Bold Wallpaper

Florals, pinks, and wallpaper … oh my! Are you ready for this 2018 trend? We are seeing the current trends come to us at a faster pace than ever before due to technology. Huge global influences are coming into the market in bold eye-catching colors, such as jade greens, fuchsia pinks, tangerine oranges, yellows, and even navy as the new blue. Wallpaper is coming back in a big way, and it’s a great way to use these bright colors. You will see wallpaper in bold florals, paisleys, medallions, plaid, and geometric patterns. When done right, it can be extremely fun and attractive.


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Potent Pigments

So long neutrals, hello saturated colors! With the reveal of the two top trending colors for 2018, Pantone’s Ultra Violet and Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside, designers are now implementing rich color and textures into furnishings, art work, pillows, and area rugs. Walls are being painted deep hues of blue, green, red, and pink that bring a real wow factor into a space. These beautiful potent pigments work best when limited to one or perhaps two rooms throughout a home or office to maintain an even balance and to avoid a dark, heavy feel. If bolder colors are not your thing, try using it in small doses such as your sofa pillows or in a piece of art for a fun splash of color.

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Shabby Chic

The most popular design style among Tennesseans is shabby chic, while bohemian and new traditional styles are favored by the neighbors beyond our state borders. All these styles share many of the same trends: natural elements, bold colors and patterns, white and black design contrasts, and matte metal colors. Yet each trend can be personalized to display distinct and relaxed touches that help us curate our own style. Give your space a trend that is uniquely you!


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Colorful Accents

Color is coming back. We have had several years of a lot of neutrals, but we are seeing color returning. It’s not for the entire house, but certain pops of color are in for accessories. They strategically finish the room. Accessories are more minimal now than in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Accessories are generally larger in scale, so you would need less when decorating. We also are seeing transitional furniture blended in with beloved antiques and traditional furniture, which lends itself well to using what people already have. Another very important trend is floor coverings. There are so many varieties of rugs now – they make the design of the room and are so important to the overall look. We are using not only traditional sizes but also carpet, cut and serged, to customize the size needed for the room.

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Curated Simplicity

I think people are going back to more vibrant colors and textures in their homes. Green and yellow are becoming more prevalent in design, whereas muted colors, like gray and beige, have had their moment. Velvet continues to be on the rise and is luxurious but durable. Mixing metals is another area of design in which people are taking more risks with items such as mirrors, lighting, and cabinet hardware. Another trend, brought on by up-and-coming homeowners, is not decorating as much as previous generations. They enjoy having a mixture of curated items in their homes that speak to their personalities. I also think durability and livability continue to be a trend in terms of furniture, fabrics, countertops, and more.


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Mid-Century Modern Motif

One of the top design trends seen today is the reintroduction of color. Gone is the industrial look of plain and hard blacks and grays. Mid-century modern continues to gain ground with its clean lines and uncluttered sensibility – but with color. Pale lavender, blush pinks, and golden yellows are all in style for the year as well. 

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Natural Décor

A natural vibe with earthy tones and organic neutrals are very on trend. Adding a sense of nature in your space is a great way to liven up pockets of your home. Think succulents and bird nest ferns. Another on trend element is gallery walls. It is always an easy way to spruce up a space. Gallery walls can be a perfect oversized visual, mixing original art, photographs, and prints.

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Textured Fabrics

Society tends to appreciate tactile qualities in home furnishings, and it is more apparent than ever in today’s trends. From silky velvet draperies and accents to three-dimensional carpets woven from fibrous cords to the loops of bouclé novelty yarns accentuating furniture, the market is currently flooded with textured fabrics, both visual and tactile. We as a design community embrace the opportunity to work with such variety!

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Maintenance-Free Beauty

One of the major trends happening now is the return to man-made materials in the use of countertops, such as quartz. Much progress has been made in the appearance of these materials, and almost any desired look can be achieved. We are seeing beautiful materials with the appearance of marble. Others will include glass for added sparkle and a more modern look. A major benefit is that these materials are non-porous and extremely durable, requiring little to no maintenance. 

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The New [Matte] Black

A design trend of 2018 that I love is matte black. Matte black is the new black. A good place to start incorporating this color and finish is with lighting and plumbing fixtures. To balance it out, select neutrals for wall and tile finishes. Lastly, add some texture with a honed marble backsplash or a polished quartz countertop.

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From a personal viewpoint, interior design is on the verge of revolt against instant gratification that’s been fostered by design websites and internet purchases. This departure will direct emphasis away from predictable spaces decorated by formula and expose more independent and individual interpretations of style and interiors. I can’t foretell tomorrow’s trends; however, I know that classical-modern and traditional themes remain copacetic and will always reign side by side as standards of good design. My prediction is there will be no avocado green appliances.

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Colorful Cocinas

White will always be a classic palette for kitchens, but its increased popularity means there’s going to be some all-white-kitchen fatigue as homeowners look for ways to personalize their space. I am having customers ask for warm wood tones and richer palettes. So while white kitchens aren’t even close to going away, expect to see a rise in color for the kitchen.

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Muted Metallics

Metallics are still influencing furniture and décor and can be incorporated into your home as a fresh element. Manufacturers are showcasing everything from outdoor lighting in copper, which ages with a beautiful patina, to cork wallpaper infused with subtle metallic highlights. Unlacquered brass, burnished bronze, subtle pewter, and soft rose gold finishes all bring a richness to lighting and plumbing fixtures, as well as to cabinet hardware and furniture accents. The key to using metallics is incorporating a finish that is warm and muted. Try grounding the use of metallics by juxtaposing against a darker color such as charcoal, or use metallics with a honed natural stone, such as marble. Another easy way to embrace metallics is to mix in pewter picture frames, pillows with a subtle metallic print, or lamps in an aged brass.

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Velvet Comeback

Casual, fun, modern textures and colors are trending – think mid-century. Also, invest in pieces that work in more than one place and for dual purposes, such as trunks and cubes that double as storage for cozy throws. And no one is giving up plush fabrics and trims; in fact, velvet is making a comeback in every room and application.

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The New Subway Tile

Subway tile has been a favorite over the past five years and a classic since it debuted in the early 1900s. We have been able to choose from a variety of colors, a matte or glossy tile, and a beveled or smooth tile. New sizes of these ceramic or porcelain tiles are keeping things interesting in our kitchens and baths and creating a more modern vibe that gives us the ability to create different patterns and moods. Mini 2” x 3” bricks or larger 4” x 10” subway tiles are a fun twist laid in a straight or 45-degree herringbone or bookmatched. I say, don’t be afraid to use colorful tiles! They create so much drama and really add a pop of “Wow!” especially when combined with a graphic wallpaper. Draw on colors in your wallpaper or curtain fabric to select a tile color. If you can’t bring yourself to choose an emerald green or a sky blue in your kitchen or bath, go for black and white. It’s classic, and it will provide character immediately. Make a swap on that pewter grout and go for black because it will never look dirty. If you want to try something different than subway, go for fish scale tile: it’s the new subway tile. A nod to the Art Deco fans of the ’20s, fish scale tile is available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes, including marble. The tile’s rounded softness is a welcoming shape for use on the floor and the wall. Stir up your inner Gatsby and give the fish scale a try. It’s roaring in 2018.

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Comeback of Color

Our clients are asking for color again. For a long time, we got requests for white on white on white – which is gorgeous! But lately, our interior designers are being asked to add in bold pops of color, specifically deep green and navy. We’re seeing more accent walls than in years past, as well as patterned tiles. Herringbone patterns are all the rave for 2018, while quartz countertops seem to be replacing granite. We’re still seeing a lot of vintage or farmhouse lighting, but the trend seems to have shifted from the “handcrafted look” to heavier and more industrial fixtures. We’re excited about all of these trends, but I’d say that our team is most excited about the resurgence of bold color for the 2018 design season! 

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More and more homeowners are opting for authenticity in their home décor. Rather than generic trinkets and fabricated character combined to convey a certain style, many are craving a more carefully curated home that reflects their passions and conveys a true sense of place. One effective way to make a home feel more rooted in its community is to incorporate the work of local artists and artisans.

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