2019 Interior Design Trends

If it’s time to redecorate your home, give these latest trends a look first. Whether it’s painting your ceiling or finally purchasing that floral wallpaper that keeps catching your eye, you will find inspiration here for your new project. Read on to learn what local interior designers see trending for 2019!



Abounding Color

I think it is safe to say that the top trend right now is color. Whether it’s an all-over tone or sprinkled in through accessories, art, or lighting – color abounds. And it coincides with everything going on in interior design as a whole. We see organics like raw woods, black and white stones, and anything gold or metal toned infused with color. Emily Kantz with Sherwin-Williams projects the use of Inventive Orange, Seawashed Glass, and Bora Bora Shore. She said recently, “The colors are ageless and have a good dose of humor and playfulness, pairing great with the lighter blonde wood tones and matte blacks.” So be on the lookout for these colors and many more! – Kimberly Varner, ASID, NCIDQ, Kimberly Varner Interior Design

Curves Galore

Round shapes are hot right now, and I expect that to last for the next several years and into the future. Curvy tiles, curved velvet sofas, round dining tables – the circular shape will soften all the straight edges of a room and give it a bit of a feminine vibe. It’s a bit of Art Deco influence coming into play and probably a reaction to all the straight, hard lines of mid-century modern. I think people are looking for soothing organic shapes, and having curves in a room gives an inviting and relaxing feeling. I also love mixing the straight lines – think crown moulding and wood wall millwork with the soft curves of a sofa. They are a great complement to one another. – Gretchen Ruvo, Gretchen Ruvo Designs, LLC

Bold Expression

Whether it is with wall color, fabrics, or tiles, express yourself! The very beautiful but mundane white on white, or white on gray interiors we have all become accustomed to are relevant for very certain environments, but today, color is what we are looking for. Now is the perfect time to pull the beautiful colors from outdoors in. Try vivid purples, luscious pink velvets, and emerald green linens, keeping in mind a little can sometimes go a long way. Don’t be afraid to experiment!  – Jimmy Adams, Nell’s Home, Gifts, & Interior Design

Oversized Lighting

Lighting needs to flow through-
out your home, but mixing and matching is half the fun. Natural fiber fixtures and shades made from materials such as bamboo, wicker, woven grasses, and rattan are making a statement with their interesting shapes and sizes. Using a pair of natural fixtures over an island or table creates a light and airy atmosphere with a hint of bohemian ease. Use oversized pendants in a grouping as overhead lighting on a covered porch or even in a family room for a big impact. This leads to the next lighting trend: Bigger is better! Oversized lighting that fills at least one-fourth of the width of the room is on trend. Simple, clean-lined fixtures with exposed bulbs that span the room are very popular. Soft gold touches in lighting are still giving homeowners the light feel of the popular grays, but it’s also adding a bit of warmth that has been missing. Soft gold has been a major accent in the mid-century modern and Art Deco styles that are popping up everywhere. History always repeats itself, and the ’20s through the ’50s are here to stay with mixed metals, geometric shapes, and wood tones being the defining elements from these styles. To take a small step into this trend, go for a powder room update, giving it a modern glow with a black and gold globe-shaped vanity light over the sink. It can be paired with farmhouse, modern, and even traditional styles for a clean, updated look. –
Lindsey Frost, Frost Designs, Inc.

Transitional Design

Gray has been the new black for a while and is still popular, but now, we are seeing black and white used to enhance the various shades of gray. Also, pops of bold colors are back! Yellow, red, and blue are strong colors in the market. But, do not disregard blush – a soft pink that is absolutely dreamy when used in the right space. For furniture, Millennials love a modern, less is more, sleek look, but what’s becoming more popular is an eclectic or more transitional design: for instance, traditional furniture with a twist, perhaps painted in emerald green or navy blue. It creates a revised look to an antique or curved piece. Regarding metals, gold with a satin finish is becoming the trend – just when everyone was using brushed nickel. Though both finishes are still in vogue, gold is reappearing. – Marsha Yessick, ASID, NCIDQ, Yessick’s Design Center

Saturated Colors

In general, 2019 seems to have brought about a shift toward bolder patterns, moodier colors, and more dramatic accents. High contrast Moroccan tile patterns for both kitchens and baths are popular. From painted range hoods to steel window frames, we are using more black as well. Deeper, more saturated color is being used on feature walls or kitchen islands, as long as there is lots of natural light. With floor-to-ceiling window walls, saturated colors look amazing. However, neutral perimeter colors are still being used. Mixed metal light fixtures (brass and bronze or nickel and chrome) as well as mixed material hardware (brass and glass or leather and wood) are still on trend. Lastly, as it successfully merges aesthetics and durability, quartzite has taken over as the countertop material du jour. – Broadleaf Residential, Inc.

Connecting Spaces

The fields of interior, exterior, and landscape design tend to be very integrated in today’s homes. Expansion of the interior design process to include exterior spaces will not only multiply square footage but also add variety for the homeowner’s uses. Any visual or connecting exterior areas (even just a small seating area), if thought out properly, will enlarge and draw the eye outward, creating new and ever-changing views depending on the season. Many of today’s materials can be utilized as both interior and exterior components, serving as links between the two worlds. Teak, recycled plastics, concrete, and solution-dyed fabrics can serve as unification, joining what was previously a strong separation of interior and exterior. Barriers can be almost nonexistent – creating more space and drawing people outside. – Vicki Runge, Fowler Brothers Co. Interior Design

Earth Tones

Color is going on the walls in 2019. Dusty teals and warm corals melt into stone grays and warm neutrals, as earth tones make a graceful entrance into today’s homes. Wood tones and shades of concrete mixed with warm creams are the latest in color trends. Mixed metals, including gold and copper, contrast beautifully with nature’s warm shades. Velvets and luxury fabrics along with textured accents complete the neutral pallet and set a backdrop for the sunny accent colors of gold, teal, and coral. Lastly, cluttered interiors are being replaced with a minimalistic, cleaner lifestyle design. Keep it simple, classic, quiet, and inviting. Remember, less is more, and comfort is king in 2019. – Christine J. Stephens, ASID, Dimension Designs, Inc., Total Concepts Furniture

Warmer Hues

The warmer tones are making a comeback. Beiges, brown, rusty red, and coral are being used. These warmer tones are being chosen over gray as a neutral. Shades of yellow can be used as a neutral, especially if you choose a subtle, buttery color. All shades of blues and greens are still great, and deeper shades are great accents, especially in fabrics and wall color. If you like dark blue, you’ll be happy as it’s everywhere. Dark, emerald, lime, and teal green are in. Teal is a beautiful accent color for one wall, especially stunning in a small room. Designs on fabrics are very geometric and distinctive. Using a fun, colorful rug in a living space to bring all the colors together is very on trend. – Dolores Wolfe, IDS, Wolfe Studio Interiors


The major trend I am seeing can be labeled as escapism. The trend is typified by pastel colors, florals, and whimsy – it encompasses a sophisticated use of bamboo, colorful fabrics, and unexpected moments. The look also feels as if one is well-traveled and is bringing home a mix of finds from around the world. This trend is in direct opposition to the grays that have been in vogue for the last decade and tells us that this safe trend is finally coming to a close. The escapism trend is one that shares a sense of joy and adventurism. – Michelle Workman, Michelle Workman Interiors

Nod to Nature

A prominent trend that continues to be strong is using products that incorporate natural materials, organic shapes, and earthy motifs. Consumers are enjoying supporting craftspeople that use these elements to create their artisan products. Even some big box home stores are offering limited-edition artisan collections. Products run the gamut from petrified wood tables, woven textiles, and pendant lighting to hand-tooled leather pulls. Rattan, either vintage or new, is also on the rise. All in all, this nod to nature translates as an approachable, casual, and comfortable aesthetic that can blend with interiors ranging from modern to traditional. – Mary Norris, Mary Norris Interiors

A Floral Following

A theory in the design world is that it follows closely behind what is seen on the fashion runways the season before, so get ready for it … florals! Now don’t panic, as we are not ready for everything covered in huge florals, but I do see the floral prints coming in strong for wallpaper and fabrics. Whether it’s abstract florals for transitional design, traditional floral patterns, or larger-than-life prints for a bit of whimsy, the boldness of florals gives a room its flair and a “jumping off point” with color and movement for the calmer furnishings of the room.Jodi L. Brewer, JL Brewer Designs, LLC

Looking Up

The ceiling has become the fifth wall in the room to decorate and design. More and more people are opening up to the idea of their ceilings being a design element to highlight, such as painting it a non-white color, using mouldings to create different patterns, and using creative beams, wood inlay, and more. Decorating a ceiling can help define your style as rustic, traditional, cottage, industrial, or even modern. It is a great way to draw the eye upward, especially when rooms have some height. Ceilings haven’t had this much attention since the 1920s. – Julie Bledsoe, Dwell Designed Construction

More Is More

What’s on trend can be summed up in “more is more.” The days of all beige or gray rooms are disappearing, and in its place are the rich, deep luxe colors. Copper, dark green, royal blues, purples, pinks, and even some reds are trending right now. Luxurious fabrics such as velvets, silks, and linens are prevalent, as well as floral prints. Wallpaper is back in a big way, but it’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper anymore. I’m seeing luxe designs and a lot of gold in wallpaper. In general, gold and brass are still very prevalent, and mixing items, such as contemporary light fixtures with antique pieces, is common. As always, original artwork and accessories are the best – select the things that you love and will stay true to your aesthetic. – Laura Hertle, Laura Hertle Designs


Layers and layers of textures, patterns, and colors are making a bold statement in the world of interior design. Neutrals will always be a popular go-to; however, a more maximalist approach to design is now one of the top trends. Floral wall coverings, patterned tiled floors and backsplashes, and upholstered furniture in lush textures and prints are currently being incorporated into today’s designs. This maximalist approach needs to be balance with a few sustainable elements, such as a jute rug, wooden bowls, or clay pots. Lucite or glass cocktail and side tables will also calm and balance the space and reduce a too-busy look. – Dawn D. Totty, Dawn D. Totty Designs


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