2022 Wedding Day Jewelry

The Latest Designs From Area Jewelers

Arney Guess Goldsmith

wedding day jewelry from Arney Guess goldsmith

Photos Courtesy of Arney Guess Goldsmith

1. Bracelet14k yellow gold Cuban link diamond bracelet totaling 3.70 carats

2. Earrings14k white gold Allison-Kaufman diamond hoop earrings available in 0.50, 1, and 2 carats 

3. Earrings14k white gold Allison-Kaufman earrings featuring oval sapphire center stones with an ornate halo design

4. Earrings14k white gold Allison-Kaufman hoop earrings featuring 0.70 carats of baguette diamonds

5. Ring14k white gold custom Arney Guess Goldsmith ring with an oval London Blue topaz center stone surrounded by a halo of marquise-cut diamonds

6. Ring14k white gold diamond halo engagement ring featuring a 1.06-carat round center diamond 

7. Bracelet14k Allison-Kaufman bracelet with textured yellow gold links paired with diamond-accented white gold links

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Brody Jewelers

wedding day jewelry from brody jewelers

Photos by Emily Pérez Long

1. Pendant14k white gold pendant with a 1.34-carat genuine sapphire surrounded by 0.64 carats of diamonds 

2. Pendant14k white gold pendant with a 1.03-carat center stone surrounded by 0.60 carats of round and baguette diamonds

3. Wedding Set14k white gold wedding set with a 4.75-carat pear diamond surrounded by 1.40 carats of diamonds

4. Ring18k white gold eternity band with oval genuine sapphires totaling 6.30 carats and 1.05 carats of diamonds

5. RingJB Star platinum ring with 2.80 carats of oval diamonds 

6. Bracelet14k white gold flexible diamond bangle with 4.98 carats of diamonds

7. Earrings14k white gold inside-out hoop earrings with 3.06 carats of baguette diamonds and 1.90 carats of round diamonds

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Fink’s Jewelers

wedding day jewelry from Fink's Jewelers

Photos Courtesy of Fink’s Jewelers

1. NecklaceRoberto Coin Diamonds by the Inch five station drop necklace featuring 0.24 carats of round diamonds

2. Earrings14k white gold Sabel Collection inside-out hoop earrings featuring 1.99 carats of round diamonds

3. Earrings14k white gold Sabel Collection earrings featuring 4.02 carats of round diamonds in a three-prong setting

4. RingFink’s Exclusive engagement ring with a 2.29-carat center diamond surrounded by a 0.69-carat double diamond halo set in platinum

5. Bracelet  – 18k white gold Sabel Collection tennis bracelet featuring 10.77 carats of round diamonds

6. RingsFink’s Exclusive wedding and anniversary bands

7. Necklace18k white gold Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale diamond collar necklace featuring 0.98 carats of white diamonds

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Wedding Day Jewelry from Henri's

Photos by Rich Smith

1. Earrings–  14k white gold 0.50-carat dangle diamond earrings 

2. Necklace14k white gold 0.33-carat diamond necklace

3. Band14k white gold 1.50-carat diamond anniversary band

4. Band14k white gold 0.50-carat diamond band

5. Ring18k white gold 3.50-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring

6. Bracelet  – 14k white or yellow gold bangle featuring 0.25 carats of diamonds

7. Ring14k platinum 4.50-carat ring featuring a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds 

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Kennedy Jewelers

wedding day jewelry for the bride and groom from kennedy jewelers

Photos by Emily Pérez Long

1. Bracelet–  14k white gold 1.26-carat diamond bracelet

2. Necklace14k white gold 0.97-carat diamond cross necklace

3. Ring14k white gold 2.90-carat ring featuring baguette and round diamonds

4. Band18k white gold 3.20-carat diamond eternity band

5. Ring18k white gold 2.22-carat diamond ring 

6. WatchPre-owned stainless-steel Rolex®

7. Earrings14k white gold 4.97-carat diamond inside-out hoop earrings 

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Lisa’s Gold & Diamonds

wedding day jewelry from Lisa's Gold & Diamonds

Photos by Sarah Unger

1. Bracelet14k yellow gold flexible diamond bracelet with 23 round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 4.83 carats

2. Wedding Set14k white gold diamond wedding set with an oval diamond solitaire and infinity sides totaling 1 carat with a matching diamond band

3. Band14k white and rose gold five-row diamond band with 0.72 carats of diamonds

4. Earrings14k yellow gold diamond J-shaped earrings with 1.36 carats of diamonds

5. Band18k yellow gold and platinum Le Vian band with five princess-cut yellow diamonds set between two rows of white round-cut diamonds totaling 2.18 carats

6. Ring14k white gold Le Vian Crème Brûlée pear-shaped diamond ring with 1.15 carats of white and chocolate diamonds

7. Ring14k white gold ring with a double row of oval-shaped diamonds connected by a yellow gold twist band totaling 1.50 carats 

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wedding day jewelry from markman's

Photos by Rich Smith

1. Bracelet18k yellow, rose, and white Supreme Jewelry gold-hinged bangle bracelet featuring 3.59 carats of round brilliant diamonds

2. Pendant18k white gold Simon G. pendant featuring 1.50 carats of round brilliant diamonds set into its surface

3. Ring18k white gold Simon G. ring featuring 30 round brilliant diamonds totaling 0.38 carats and 10 baguettes totaling an additional 0.38 carats

4. Ring18k yellow gold Simon G. engagement ring with 1.32 carats of white diamonds in the setting and a 3.70-carat oval diamond centerpiece

5. Ring18k white gold Simon G. engagement ring featuring an oval center stone, accented by 0.32 carats of white diamonds 

6. Ring18k white gold Simon G. engagement ring featuring 0.91 carats of brilliant round-cut diamonds on the foundation and halo – can be made to accommodate any size/shape center stone

7. Band18k white gold contemporary Simon G. wedding band with 2 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds 

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