2023 Interior Design Trends


While natural materials and quality construction are here to stay, 2023 is a year of heightened individualism. From playful colors to vintage décor, spaces are becoming more of a reflection of those that inhabit them, and the focus is on creating a curated flow rather than mindlessly matching interiors. Read on for more of what area experts are seeing when it comes to this year’s design trends.


Kimberly Varner Interior Design | Kimberly Varner

Many clients prefer a space that will not fall out of style quickly, so design trends need to be thought through carefully during a project. The goal is to create and implement a fresh, up-to-date interior space. This can be achieved by using natural wood grain cabinetry, incorporating statement stone applications with strong patterns and heavier veining, utilizing modern curves in the home’s architecture and furniture, and using muted soft color palettes to set the stage for key pieces. These additions can blend effortlessly into many design styles and will be enjoyed for years to come.


Nell’s Home, Gifts, & Interior Design | Jimmy Adams

Color and uniqueness are some of the biggest trends right now and are greatly attributed to the grandmillennial or grandma chic style in design. This is attributed to all the time we have spent in our homes over the past few years and understanding true comfort, coziness, and warmth. Wonderful zesty oranges, fun shades of green, and pinks from coral to candy adorn our walls and upholstery. Expressing the love of your home with found things that are beautifully handmade is becoming increasingly important. Luxury will be reimagined as that uniqueness paired with well-made and lasting items such as a bouclé upholstered custom sofa along with a wonderful hand-made, locally-sourced table. Be you, be yourself, be unique, and love your environment … then anyone in your home will be comfortable and happy!

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Southern Lighting  |  Beth Benson

The lighting trend for 2023 is mix and match, and the new lighting design for 2023 is modern. The modern designs are very unique and fun. Some of the old trends, such as milk and alabaster glass, are incorporated into the modern designs. Mixing the modern designs with farmhouse, industrial, and vintage styles creates a bright, refreshing look. Placing a modern fixture over a farmhouse table can change the entire look of a room and continue the design flow throughout your home. Mixing finishes continues to be a trend for 2023 as well. Lighting completes the design of any home and each room can be a different style or finish and still have an easy flow throughout the home.


Mango’s Décor & Co. | Kristy Steele

This year is all about confidence, personality, and sustainability. As life begins to bring us back together in one another’s homes, people are sharing what matters most to them. In terms of home décor and design, this is revealed in strong, bold prints and colors that reflect individuality. Patterns are big, textures are tactile, and rather than focusing on matching, interiors focus on flowing. Highlighting items that resonate with us replaces filling spaces with meaningless accessories. We recognize the value of sustainable furniture and begin to move away from less durable, cheaper items. Spaces that feel healthy, natural, and uncluttered become the backdrop for unique, intuitive expression. Design in 2023 celebrates life through inspiration, originality, and function.

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Furniture of Dalton | Olivia Tidwell

Although minimalism is slowly phasing out, the emphasis on creating functional spaces that contribute to overall well-being is still a major trend that continues to grow and evolve. Previous design styles (specifically traditional) are re-emerging but with a modern take through the layering of other styles, bolder colors, and different textures. The benefit of nature and the outdoors is also affecting design, resulting in a greater emphasis on earthy tones and natural elements, such as wood and stone, in design for 2023.


Dwell Designed Construction | Julie Bledsoe

In 2023, we are seeing a move toward more elaborate design details as minimalism takes the back seat for a while! From color-saturated rooms, over-the-top trim and millwork details, and pattern on top of pattern, we are seeing it all. Moreover, we have observed that our clients are more willing to think outside of the box and incorporate different styles from other areas of the country as Chattanooga has become a hot spot for relocation. This has opened the door for more unique and intriguing space planning and design finishes as we push the envelope on what has traditionally been done in the Chattanooga area. We are less concerned with fitting inside the parameters of a certain look, and instead we are approaching design with the freedom to mix looks from different eras or areas while maintaining an alluring and cohesive space.


Miles and Kirk Design LLC | Ryan Kirk Kopet

By embracing natural materials, quiet and restful kitchens play gracefully with other rooms in 2023. Cerused oak, softly veined marbles, and warm metals are balancing kitchens and result in the soothing feeling our clients are craving. We love unlacquered brass faucets and cabinet pulls for how they tell the home’s story as they age. Whether it be plastered and quiet range hoods or sleek lines in cabinetry accentuated with long, linear pulls, everything serves to reinforce quiet strength. This style works well in both open-concept homes or more formal spaces, as the high-end materials always play well with others. One way to quiet your current kitchen design is to change out lighting. Look for lighting options where the bulbs are not visible (visible bulbs can create a harsh feeling), and opt for either shaded fixtures or white glass options.

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Total Concepts Furniture/Dimension Designs, Inc. | Chris Stephens

What is trending in today’s market has more to do with comfort and ease of maintenance. Overall quality is leading decisions, and we have become creatures of our own personal style. Color is coming back to chairs that accent a room, while sofas are staying in warm neutrals with patterned accent pillows. Tables have replaced the large ottoman in family spaces. They are stronger looking and more user-friendly when it comes to feet, food, and fun. Trending in home design are designated spaces for offices, quiet time, or private conversations. In these rooms, we are seeing cooler shades of pale blues and light seafoam greens for a spa-like feel. Comfort is king, and convenience is powered. We open our blinds, turn on our ovens, adjust our thermostats, and unlock our doors all from our phones in preparation for our “homecoming.” The future for our home is here.


Michelle Workman Interiors | Michelle Workman

Antiques had a massive upswing last year and are continuing strong, fitting right in with the grandmillenial and “more is more” looks, which are offering great quality and value. Wallpapers and fabrics with small-scale repeats are making a big comeback, and the more charming the better! One trend that I find surprising is the movement toward Louis XVI. I find that softening this ornate gilded look by going Gustavian or French Provincial achieves the same classic feeling without the fuss. Color palettes are muted and soft without being pastel and stem from a lot of natural tones – think sisal, grasscloth, linen, and cotton.


Henson-Hinck Designs | Garrett Henson-Hinck

Neutral color palettes, clean lines, and classic styles will always appear timeless, but in today’s design world, timelessness can also imply “playing it safe.” With that in mind, our interior design projects have recently become more daring and playful. Warmer, darker, and bolder color palettes are used, with walls finished in royal blue high-gloss paint, dark walnut cabinetry, and a sofa upholstered in rust or orange velvet. We predict there will be even more of a push toward retro-inspired spaces with softer textures, organic shapes, and rounded architectural features. We’ll continue mixing styles and layering old and new pieces, but we expect even more curated and unique interior design. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter interiors; everyone is ready to take risks with their space!

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Frost Designs, Inc. | Lindsey Frost

Not only are people asking “Where and how are furnishings made?”, but they are looking to source pieces that have character and a second purpose to create a unique and collected style. It is more important now than ever to select furnishings that are made in the United States. We are seeing clients interested in purchasing investment pieces instead of trendy, cheaply made furniture. Finding an antique that speaks to you or claiming a family heirloom, like a Queen Anne or Hepplewhite dining table and chairs or a Chippendale secretary, feels more responsible than making a quick purchase on Wayfair to fill a design need. We believe that people are beginning to be more selective about what they put in their homes as the longevity of the piece has become a priority over what is popular at the moment. And as we always say, “If you buy what you love, it will never go out of style!”


Wheeler Lewis Designs | Wheeler Lewis

I always tell clients that staying true to themselves and what they’re drawn to is the priority. Trends can be fun, but you can never go wrong with buying what you love. Keep it classic, and you’ll love it forever. With that being said, people seem to be drawn to warmer colors: reds, corals, and pinks. I’m here for it! Such an easy way to cozy up a space. I’ve also been using patterned stripes and block prints now more than ever.


K.P. Interiors | Kathie Penland

Furniture trends in 2023 have embraced unique, one-of-a-kind shapes and smooth profiles. Upholstered pieces like sofas vary in shades of light taupes and other soft earth tones, while items like accent chairs are usually a much-needed source of color and pattern. Popular colors include blush pinks, mauve, olive greens, and burnt orange. Other accent pieces like consoles and coffee tables have turned to nature for inspiration. Burled wood and dark stone have modern styling with a functional purpose. Gold accents are still trendy, but pewter and gunmetal are close behind. The modern aesthetic has gravitated towards the use of darker metals for hardware and accessories. However, gold is still popular in the traditional sense. At the end of the day, your space should be a reflection of your personality, and when it comes to creating a space that makes you happy, there is no wrong answer.

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Chattanooga Window Treatments | Nancy Waddell

Deep, rich color used in paint and furniture is definitely strong now: greens, golds, navy, and even reds and pinks. Soft colors (especially watery blues and greens) continue to show up in all areas of home décor. Wallpaper is being used widely again in materials like cork and vinyl as well as traditional paper, and I’m seeing grasscloth again but in much more sophisticated colors and finer textures. Maximalism is definitely the trend with layers of color, texture, comfortable furnishings, and collectibles filling the showrooms and interior design publications. Outdoor “rooms” as living spaces are stronger than ever but the new thing is that I’m seeing some very good-looking outdoor furniture coming out that’s much more affordable than before. And of course home automation is increasing, especially in window coverings: people are asking for motorized shades and even draperies. It’s more expensive but the ultimate in convenience and luxury.


Inline Lighting | Beth Swann

We saw so many new fixture styles and finishes at market this year. Artisan-crafted pieces with natural jute, rattan, and wood combined with metallic finishes are very in. Brands are getting more creative with the glass on fixtures, making it more of a part of the design. Distinct textured glass in embossed, ribbed, pebbled, and beveled styles are taking the place of the standard seeded or frosted glass we have seen in the past. Speaking of the past, we are seeing a return of more tailored and timeless pieces as well as brass! That’s right – brass is back, but its more muted elegant tones make it new and exciting. These styles bring back the classics with an air of sophistication.

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Spaces by JohnRoss | JR Ortiz

Curves are more than just a new way to decorate your home – they represent a way of life. They’re relaxing, soothing, and beautiful, and make us feel safe and secure in our surroundings because they remind us of nature’s curves. Consider adding a curved sofa to spruce up your living room. They have been popular for years and are still trending. For a more subtle touch, add an oblong mirror to the wall behind your couch, and you know what? You will absolutely love it! Additionally, earth tones have returned and are here to stay. Shades of brown continue to dominate the décor, while romantic mauve is my color of the year. Furthermore, certain design hallmarks from past periods are also returning. After the dominance of the laid-back mid-century modern style in the aughts and teens, formal accents are now making a comeback.


Chattanooga Closet Company | Kim Campbell

The one constant in life is change. It keeps things interesting. We are seeing color and warm wood grains come back. There is more interest in embellishments such as crown molding and decorative door and drawer fronts. Beautiful gold hardware and the use of mirrors is being requested. We are adding more customization in all areas of the home. We are building cabinets around wine coolers in the pantry, gun safes in storage closets, charging stations in home offices, and vanities in the main closet. Multi-functional spaces are in high demand. It is not unusual to have one space serve multiple purposes, such as a laundry, craft, and mudroom space or a space that is an office by day and guest room by night. This is a reflection of people spending more time at home and wanting to make the most of their space.

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