5 Tips for Choosing a Cake

1 Ask for referrals. You want the cake to arrive on time and in good condition, so make sure you go with a baker that has a good reputation.

2 Do a taste test. So it looks great, but does it TASTE great? Ensure that you don’t skimp on flavor by setting up a tasting with your baker of choice.

3 Think about servings. Make sure the size of your cake accommodates your guest list and even seconds. You want everyone to leave satisfied and happy!

4 Foster collaboration. Some of the most beautiful cakes use fresh fruit or flowers, but that requires collaboration between your florist and baker. Make sure everyone is on the same page with the design.

Involve the groom. So he may not care about the centerpieces or bridesmaids’ bouquets, but what guy doesn’t love cake? Be sure to get his thoughts on frosting and batter flavors.

Full PDF here.


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