A French Contemporary Marvel Home

The Hullander Home

By Christina Davenport

Photography by Philip Slowiak

When Matt and Jenny Hullander began looking for a new place to call home, they knew they had found the perfect spot the moment they laid eyes on it.
“We wanted to get closer to town and where our family lives their life,” says Matt. “I’ve lived on a farm for much of my life and loved every minute of it. This property somehow still felt very serene and connected to the outdoors while being ultra-convenient. It was a no-brainer for our family.”
Roughly 16 months after breaking ground, the Hullanders had finished building a stunning French contemporary home that offers up sophistication and style to all who enter. Situated among four garages is the home’s elegant entryway. A foyer completed with a roof lantern is flanked by two towering façades that incorporate large picture windows and charming embellishments within the brickwork.
“We were really drawn to this style because it has a lot of clean lines, which we like, but it still has some character,” says Jenny. “To us, it feels more warm than a lot of modern homes while still keeping that simplicity.”

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But it’s not just the front of the home that’s marked with a classic but simple aesthetic. The Hullanders’ pool area also takes a no-frills approach. The L-shaped pool is curved along one edge, adding visual interest without giving way to a freeform design, while two large sun shelves with bubblers provide plenty of space to beat the heat. An elevated therapy spa is outfitted with six bronze water scuppers that are not just a visual delight but an auditory one as well.
Precast concrete encircles the pool, and an additional concrete pad serves as home base for several loungers. The spa, however, trades concrete for the same white brick used on the home’s exterior in order to ensure continuity. Everything in this space, from the artificial turf and black rectangular planters to the sconces that dot the walls, promotes the clean lines that are such a hallmark of the French contemporary style.

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Back inside the home just beyond the foyer is the Hullanders’ great room where a wall of windows stretches toward the ceiling and provides sweeping views of the Tennessee River. Two white sofas mirror each other, and a pair of gray armchairs keep with the modern style.
“One of my favorite things about this home is the detail work with the sheetrock,” says Matt. “We did these cased openings into the kitchen and the living room, and those really embody the essence of the home.”
Another subtle but elegant design detail emerges through the living room fireplace. Here, a limestone fireplace surround is complete with a herringbone brick insert and swath of fireballs for a refined dose of character.


Matt, Reese, and Jenny Hullander

Matt, Reese, and Jenny Hullander

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“This is also one of my favorite rooms in the home. It’s where life happens,
and it’s a connecting point to all of the other rooms and facets of our lives.”
– Jenny Hullander

In the adjacent space, the family’s sleek and streamlined kitchen comes to life.
“We really like to host friends and family, so this is a highly utilized space for us,” adds Matt. “We cook a lot, and we also like to grill out a fair amount, so having a kitchen that was functional while adhering to the style was important to us.”
Along one wall, stained maple perimeter cabinetry has been designed around large windows, and a paneled refrigerator and freezer flank the main kitchen sink and reinforce the room’s symmetry. This duality is continued in the two islands, one of which is equipped with stool seating while the other is used primarily for preparation.
Each island is wrapped in quartz with a waterfall edge, and the same quartz that tops the islands comprises the kitchen backsplash.
“This is also one of my favorite rooms in the home,” adds Jenny. “This is where life happens, and it’s a connecting point to all of the other rooms and facets of our lives.”

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Also on the main floor of the home is a master suite fit for a king. The same neutral colors seen throughout the remainder of the home are present in this room as well, and they work in unison to create a cozy and tranquil space. Beams of natural light stream in and are supplemented with two matching tabletop lamps outfitted with drum shades and a simple chandelier, which sports a captivating honey bronze finish.
Just steps away, the ensuite is a hub of relaxation in its own right. Polished tile and walls of mirrors and glass infuse even more light into the room. The Arabascato tile that adorns the floors finds its complement in the same maple cabinetry found in the kitchen, which is this time stained a light gray. On the wall nearest to the exterior window, a beveled-edge mirror and twin sconces break up the visual monotony of the countertop-to-ceiling vanity mirror while adding dimension and a touch of elegance. Nearby, a pristine freestanding tub sits in front of paned glass that acts as a barrier between the walk-in shower and the rest of the room.

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On the home’s bottom floor is another area adored by the Hullanders. A climate-controlled wine cellar stays at a precise 58-60 degrees and can accommodate up to 1,800 bottles of wine.
“We simply love wine, and it’s a hobby we can enjoy as a couple and share with friends,” says Matt. “Having a cellar helps us keep our wine collection organized. Some of our favorite wines are big reds from Napa wineries such as Morlet Family Vineyards, Shrader Cellars, and Revana, but we also enjoy collecting different varietals.”
A stainless-steel structure is capped with redwood that has been stained black, and several areas accommodate wood case storage. Designed to maximize capacity, the cellar features a flair of personality with the inclusion of several pieces of art and a display rack that is outfitted with LED lighting for maximum impact.
“We like to have friends in this space, and we typically host a few wine tasting events a year that serve as a fundraiser for our family foundation that helps out nonprofits.”

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In addition to the wine cellar, the bottom floor of the Hullander home is a space that has been curated both for work and for play. In one area of the basement, a set of French doors leads to a spacious home office where casual modernity reigns. A sleek desk and pair of velvet accent chairs rest in the center of the room, while built-in cabinetry, tasteful furniture, and a touch of Tennessee pride dot the room’s perimeter.
In a neighboring space, a state-of-the-art bar offers up a hint of masculinity with its dark colors and stains. Wood, leather, and stone come together for an effortless mixing of materials. Regardless of where you find yourself in the Hullander home, you can rest assured that style, simplicity, and character will be at the forefront.home office design

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