A Minimalistic Makeover

By Katie Faulkner | Photography by Nathalie Dupré


For Tim and Vicki Cox, home is where their neighbors are. It’s where their kids come to visit, and it’s where they’ve lived for the past 25 years.

As they neared retirement, the pair began planning their dream home. The idea was to build a house with every feature they had ever wanted. They spent months and months working on plans, consulting architects and builders, and finding a lot. Then, the weekend before they were supposed to sign the paperwork, they experienced trepidation.

“We just couldn’t move away from all of our friends and neighbors,” Vicki says. “We’re very close, and we knew that even though we were only moving a few miles away, it would change those relationships. Our neighbors will just walk over and visit. We have an active dinner club, and we’ve all been friends for 20 years!”

After discussing it over the weekend, Tim and Vicki decided to scrap the plans for the new home and turn their current house into their dream home instead. With the help of designer Jimmy Adams from Nell’s Home, Gift, & Interior Design, Tim and Vicki were able to design a stylish home renovation that suited their needs.

The goal for the renovation was to add as much usable space for entertaining as possible and to give everything a more open and minimalistic appearance. “We wanted to simplify our lives so that we could enjoy our family, friends, and activities more,” Tim explains.

The transition to a minimalistic aesthetic is immediately apparent with the clean, bold look of an open foyer. “Normally, we would’ve filled this space with a little chair and table, maybe hung something on the wall. But this staircase is beautiful, and there’s enough room here for people to comfortably come into the house,” Vicki explains. The rest of the home follows suit, with only the most prized pieces of art taking up wall space, and only highly functional and fashionable furnishings taking up space.

Just off the foyer is the chic sitting room. No television or distractions can be found, simply comfortable velvet-covered sofas facing each other for conversation. The fireplace was made over to take away the original heavy, traditional mantle and gas logs. They were replaced with streamlined elements like the marble surround and black fire glass. A beautiful piece of art hangs above, adding a touch of color and drama while fitting in nicely with the modernized aesthetic.


“We wanted to simplify our lives so that we could enjoy our family, friends, and activities more.”

– Tim Cox

Walking further into the house, the main living spaces are open to each other. A second living room is tucked to one side for additional seating and has the only television on this level of the house. Nearby, the dining room extends into a bar area.

The beautiful, weathered wood dining table can easily seat 12 to 14 people, while the stylish high-top table in the bar area can seat another four to six. “My main goal for this renovation was to be able to seat my entire family at one table,” Vicki shares. “With five kids, their spouses, and four grandkids, that’s a lot of people. But, at least we’re all in the same room!”

Walls were removed to make sure these spaces flowed together seamlessly. Large windows were added all around the dining room table. And the bar area has a floating wall with beverage and glass storage, which also lends just a hint of room separation. The walls break up the open spaces enough to make the eating areas feel like their own spaces.

Tucked to the side of the bar area is the fully renovated kitchen. With an extremely soft shade of gray on the cabinets and thick white quartz countertops, this kitchen feels clean and bright. “We removed upper cabinets, added windows, lightened the color scheme, and put in this huge island,” Vicki says. Tim adds, “Vicki loves to cook – especially bake, so the island was an important element to give her a big work surface.” Staying true to their new minimal and modern approach, all of the drawer and cabinet pulls are a streamlined brushed brass.

“We love to have people over in this space because they can flow freely from one area to another and start different groups for conversation. It never feels like everyone is crammed on top of each other anymore!” Vicki says. For her and Tim both, dinner parties have been a constant source of joy and entertainment. And the Cox home has been transformed to be as hospitable as possible.

From the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bar area, large windows showcase the home’s new outdoor living areas. To the side of the house, the Coxes extended their side porch and added a roof to provide a shaded area for relaxation.

And in the back, a completely new space was built during the renovation. “We always wanted to be able to enjoy a pool when we retired, and so we went ahead and put this in during construction,” Tim says. The long, dark-bottomed pool retains a sleek appearance, in keeping with the modern style of the home. Dual waterfalls spill into one end of the pool from the upper level of the terrace. There is also a fire pit and ample seating.

“We’ve already really enjoyed having the grandkids over to swim, and I’ve had a few days by the pool with my girlfriends,” Vicki says. The area was designed to have a seamless traffic flow into the home and other areas of the yard to ensure ease and accessibility for all of their guests.

Back inside the house, the master suite is located on the second story. The bedroom is washed in soothing shades of neutral colors. “One of the only things we kept after the remodel was our bed. We’ve had it for over 20 years, and it has transitioned through several styles. But we just love it, so we made sure to use it,” Vicki says. The warm white bed has intricate scrollwork on the headboard and a soft welcoming white and tan color palette.

The adjoining bathroom was made over with marble and gold tones for a luxurious retreat. Floor-to-ceiling marble tile amplifies the decadence of this spa-like space. A free-standing soaking tub and large shower, fully enclosed by glass, are show-stopping pieces. Gold-toned fixtures and a small, quatrefoil side table elevate the style of this room even further.

With planning, foresight, and patience, Tim and Vicki took on this daunting renovation project with enthusiasm, and the result speaks for itself. Not only were they able to stay in their home filled with memories, near their neighbors and family, but they were also able to capture the exact style they wanted. CS

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