A Modern French Country Marvel

The Ambrosetti Home


With Ryan’s medical residency behind them and a third child on the way, Ryan and Amy Ambrosetti were ready to put down roots in a home with more space. Shortly after Ryan started his practice, the Ambrosettis began the hunt for something a little larger than the 1,500-square-foot home they were currently living in.


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“Growing up with a dad as a contractor, renovating has always been part of my life. When Amy and I were looking for a property, we weren’t sold that we wanted to do a renovation, but it was always a possibility,” explains Ryan. “We weren’t necessarily looking for something this big, but when we came across this home, we both fell in love with it and just saw its potential.”

Enter dad and owner of Ambrosetti Construction, David Ambrosetti. Together, the father-son duo worked to update this 1990s build into Ryan and Amy’s dream home where they could spend time building out their future family of five.

Ryan, Reece, Adelaide, and Amy

Ryan, Reece, Adelaide, and Amy Ambrosetti

Dubbed by many in the neighborhood as the castle house thanks to its turrets, this French country abode features a Shoji White exterior that is dotted with its fair share of windows. A white bricked entryway draws visitors up to an arch-topped French door with beveled glass where a gas lantern hangs just overhead.

Once inside the home, the foyer’s open nature contributes to a sense of grandeur. Two wingback chairs rest on either side of a small round table and provide an intimate seating arrangement.


To the left of the foyer is the home’s formal dining room. Here, an eight-foot wooden table is surrounded by six round-back dining chairs and bookended by two slipcovered armchairs.

“One of the things we’re most excited about now that we are in this home is being able to have family and friends over for dinners and holidays,” says Ryan. “And this dining room is going to be great for that. We currently have eight place settings with plenty of space to move about the room, but we also have an extension that will let us seat several more people when needed.”

Revere Pewter paint cloaks the dining room walls, and white wainscoting provides an airy and classic aesthetic.

Across the room on the opposite side of the foyer, several steps lead to a sunken room that serves as a catch-all for the Ambrosetti children. Primarily a school room, this area of the home is also used as a playroom, providing ample space for Bible study and arts and crafts.

“Ryan was homeschooled growing up, so it was always in the back of our mind that homeschooling was something we wanted to explore with our children as they got older. Especially in the current environment, this room has been amazing to have,” says Amy. “Before, our school room was the kitchen table, and it worked, but there was always stuff everywhere. It really helps to have a dedicated space for learning.”

In this room, books and baskets of supplies are housed on the far wall, while a round table sits in the middle of the room and gives Reece and Adelaide ample space to complete assignments and projects. A narrow desk provides yet another workspace and is nestled up to a wall that features a large magnetic whiteboard.

Red oak hardwood floors carry visitors further into the home to a formal living room. Here, the hand-me-downs that made up the majority of the Ambrosettis’ furniture while Ryan was completing medical school have been replaced with sophisticated pieces that encourage conversation.


“It was always in the back of our mind that homeschooling was something we wanted to explore with our children as they got older. Especially in the current environment, this room has been amazing to have.”

– Amy Ambrosetti

A velvety gray sofa rests in front of a pyramid of windows that is outfitted with plantation shutters. In the center of the room, a marble-top coffee table sits just in front of a cozy brick fireplace that boasts a German schmear finish.

A thick wooden mantle and pops of gold add even more warmth to the room, and two slipcovered armchairs round out the space.

“I was a little worried that we wouldn’t use this room, but it’s turned out to be a place where we spend a lot of time,” says Amy. “I’ll have friends over and do Bible study in that room, and I’ll also sit in there and read to the kids or play board games with them.”

Adjacent to the formal sitting room is the home’s kitchen. With a double island, this room is a chef’s paradise – especially for someone like Amy, who is a registered dietitian.

White double-stacked upper cabinets run all the way to the ceiling and are carried around the room with matching lower cabinets.

One island features the same white paint and accommodates three cushioned wicker barstools, while the prep island is coated in the color Fog, which works to ground the space. A galley sink boasts a prep station, which makes preparing healthy meals a breeze.

“We didn’t want this space to be all white, so we made sure we had some stainless steel coming through,” adds Ryan.

Contributing to that sleek feel the Ambrosettis were aiming for are quartz countertops, a Wolf range, and a separated inset fridge and freezer. These appliances are bisected with a small space that features glass-front, cathedral mullion cabinets that reinforce the French country aesthetic.

Tucked across the room is a banquet where the family spends most of their mealtimes.

“I had a banquet in my home growing up, and I loved it,” says Amy. “The kids will wake up in the morning and come down with their blankies and want hot chocolate. I feel like we hang out here more because we have a comfy area, and it’s so convenient.”

Just off of the formal living room is Ryan’s office. With blue-gray walls, this room marries an array of metals and woods with other materials, such as leather, for a distinctly masculine feel.

“We love that Nashville style, and I think there’s a lot of that reflected in this room,” explains Ryan.

This space located on the main floor allows Ryan the privacy he needs to work on special projects while also letting him be close to the action.

Just steps away from the kitchen and banquet area is another highly utilized area of the Ambrosetti home – the family room. A more casual version of the sitting room on the other side of the main floor, this room is where the family comes together to relax or watch movies.

While smaller in size, another fireplace with a German schmear finish provides a dose of warmth, and built-ins on both sides of the TV reflect the family’s personality and interest back into the room.

“It’s been amazing to watch this house come to life,” says Amy. “We wanted a home that was beautiful, that our kids could use, and that we enjoyed, and that’s exactly what we’ve found.” CS

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