A Sip of Spring

Savor the Sunshine with These Seasonal Selections

With spring drawing nearer you may be daydreaming of sunny days on the patio or a riverfront picnic in the park. These four bright white wines pair perfectly with fresh blossoms and higher temperatures. Enjoy them on their own, or add some club soda and a lime twist for a classic white wine spritzer.

josh seaswept

Josh Seaswept

Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Grigio Blend

Vibrant and refreshing, this white wine is a combination of California’s lightest white wine varietals. Scents of citrus and blossom are balanced by a hint of fresh grass and green melon, while crisp citrus flavors brighten the palate. As the name suggests, this wine is the perfect complement to a warm afternoon by the water with some freshly grilled shrimp or a seafood pasta.

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luna nada

Luna Nuda

Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio comes from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Northern Italy, where favorable conditions produce fresh and pleasantly acidic white wines. The wine offers a fresh and elegant profile. Leading with soft flavors of lime and lemon, golden apple, and floral notes, this wine is slightly dry with a delightful acidity and crispness. The freshness of this Pinot Grigio pairs well with a salad, light tapas, or seafood dishes.

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urban riesling

Urban Riesling

This fresh and elegant German Riesling was inspired by urban lifestyles found in cities like New York and Paris. It boasts fruit-forward notes of tangerine, peach, and mango, intermingled with light sweetness and a juicy mouthfeel. Categorized as “off-dry,” this Riesling will appeal to those looking for a wine that is sweet but not too sweet. Perfect for your next gathering, pair it with meat, fish, or a spicy dish to complement the flavors.

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sauvignon blanc

Cloudy Bay

Sauvignon Blanc

Cloudy Bay was one of the first five wineries established in New Zealand, the country now known for making some of the world’s finest and most-awarded Sauvignon Blanc. Cloudy Bay winemakers carefully select the right grapes each year, gifting us with a Sauvignon Blanc that is zesty and vibrant on the nose, with notes of citrus, nectarine, and passionfruit. It is dry and fruity but balanced with salinity due to the coastal origins. This wine goes perfectly with seafood, summery salads, and goat cheese.

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