Bridal Parties

Real Wedding Photos

In this section we’re showcasing snapshots of local Chattanooga weddings in the past year!


Treloar wedding party

Dylan & Taylor Treloar

October 24, 2020  |  Greg and Angela Beasley Photography


Daoust wedding party

Zach & Elizabeth Daoust 

November 21, 2020  |  Bamber Photography


Whitmire wedding party

Matt & Monica Whitmire

July 25, 2020  |  Rich Smith Photography


Mosley wedding partyAlex & Carmen Mosley 

October 10, 2020  |  Bonnie McGhee Photography


Gay wedding party

Tyler & Kalani Gay

July 26, 2020  |  Emily Lester Photography


Stockburger wedding party

Joel & Rachel Stockburger

August 8, 2020  |  Greg and Angela Beasley Photography


Stricklin wedding party

Zak & Leah Stricklin

July 3, 2020  |  OkCrowe Photography


Smith wedding party

Buddy & Sydney Smith

October 9, 2020  |  Emily Lester Photography


Roberts wedding party

Marc & Taylor Roberts

August 8, 2020  |  Rich Smith Photography


Russell wedding party

Brandon & Rebecca Russell

September 26, 2020  |  Greg and Angela Beasley Photography


Goad wedding party

Cory & Julia Goad

October 17, 2020  |  OkCrowe Photography


Benson wedding party

Will & Annadele Benson

August 2, 2020  |  Rich Smith Photography


woolsey wedding party

Jonathon & Cara Woolsey

August 15, 2020  |  Bonnie McGhee Photography


bradford wedding party

Jeremy & Meredith Bradford

August 1, 2020  |  Emily Lester Photography


Flangan wedding party

Jesse & Haley Flanagan

June 27, 2020  |  Greg and Angela Beasley Photography

Clark wedding party

Tyler & Hayley Clark

October 10, 2020  |  Rich Smith Photography


Calbaugh wedding party

Matthew & Nikki Calbaugh

October 24, 2020  |  Emily Lester Photography


Serkownek wedding party

Coby & Sara Serkownek

November 8, 2020  |  OkCrowe Photography


Bodine wedding party

Matt & Melissa Bodine

January 4, 2020 |  Greg and Angela Beasley Photography


Hawkins wedding party

Andrew & Hannah Hawkins

August 7, 2020  |  Bonnie McGhee Photography

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