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Here in the South, our yards are truly an extension of our homes. From catching up over sweet tea on the porch to grilling out by the pool, these outdoor spaces are where we make our fondest memories with friends and family. Here, local experts share their best advice for livening up these spaces with colorful accents that are sure to make your yard the place to be.

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A great way to bring a color story to life in your outdoor space is from the ground up through decorative concrete floor coatings. When you work with a professional flooring company, you can choose any color from neutrals to more saturated options for the refinished concrete to create a great foundation for your space. From there, you can work your way up with the addition of outdoor furniture or by adding colorful throw pillows to dress up existing décor. Finally, introduce even more color with plants and florals in garden beds or planters. You’ll never want to go inside!

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There are multiple ways to introduce different color palettes into a poolscape and outdoor living area. For more earthy tones, your choice of stone and/or travertine can play a crucial role in blending the pool decking and walls with the primary residence. The idea is to choose materials that let the outdoor area blend into the home so it looks like it was planned from the start and not an afterthought. The brown and gray tones of flagstone and the blues and grays of bluestone work well for this. Travertine colors such as noche, silver, and ivory can provide a great bridge between home and pool. Another way to add primary color is through LED lighting in the pool. These lights emit different colors that can rotate through an entire color spectrum to cast a unique, romantic glow at night.

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A lot is expected of outdoor spaces — they’re designed to entertain many yet act as a quiet refuge for your silent mornings. Because of this, creating the perfect outdoor sanctuary can be tough. The best method is to start with a timeless foundation, choosing neutral tones for your sofas, chair cushions, and other furniture fabrics. Then, select your color theme and display it carefully around the area with pillows, an outdoor rug, topiaries in decorative pots, colorful trays with scented candles, or other potted florals. Having a classic foundation allows you to express your personality through unique pieces with the option to easily replace them as trends come and go.

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For those looking to add some color to their outdoor space, the pool is a great place to start. Utilizing colored tiles like blue not only adds a nice hue to your oasis, but also gives your pool an ocean-like appeal to make it all the more inviting. If you’re looking for even more flair, consider adding vibrant tiles in a patterned design along the pool edge. Poolside adornments like green plants, colorful florals, or dark fire features are another great way to add color while also dressing up the space. Light features can take your pool from day to night with a variety of colors that can set the tone for a fun-filled evening.

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A customized poolscape is an excellent way to play around with color in your backyard. Start by creating a timeless look with a pool deck material that complements the exterior of the home – this creates an excellent canvas to add color using plantings, accessories, and other less permanent features, leaving room for your style to change over the years. For those who want to make a real splash, lighted fountains, bubblers, sheer descent waterfalls, and deck jets with color-coordinated LED lighting are versatile options that allow you to create the ultimate light show – right in your back yard. With remote control and automation of these features, you have the flexibility to choose from a full spectrum of colors to suit any mood or occasion.

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