Taste of the City: Brix Nouveau


Welcome to the marriage of industrial design and local art, smooth wines and sharp cheese, local breads and decadent desserts—this is Brix Nouveau, NorthShore’s new wine and cheese bar that has a wide array of wines, cheeses, meats, and desserts that will appeal to every palate.

by Grace Humbles


Rosabelle Gorman, owner of Brix Nouveau, says the wine and cheese bar concept came to her when she was visiting Callaway vineyard in Temecula, Calif. “We sat out on the patio overlooking the vineyard at sunset and shared a bottle of rosé wine and dined on cheese and bread,” Rosabelle says. “I thought to myself, ‘I could do this every day of my life!’” Sometime after, Rosabelle and her husband Marshall made the choice together to invest in Brix Nouveau and work to make Rosabelle’s dream into a reality.



A first timer at Brix Nouveau will encounter a soft atmosphere of light gray walls combined with the industrial feel of exposed ceilings and recycled stainless steel countertops. Gallery 301, which sublets space from Brix Nouveau, has added locally made paintings and sculptures to the already artistic surroundings. In the afternoon, natural light fills the space, making every seat feel like you’re sitting next to a window. After sunset, the lights go dim and candles on the tables make the space feel cozy, inviting, and romantic. “I really want to create a place in the city that people love to go to,” says Rosabelle. “That’s really my goal. I want people to come in and enjoy the space.”



Brix Nouveau offers a number of recognizable wines along with specialty boutique wines. There is also a monthly “wine flight,” which offers customers three small servings of three different wines centered on a specific focus. According to Rosabelle, Brix Nouveau will ring in the New Year with a wine flight centered on champagnes.

The cheese plate at Brix Nouveau brings together a number of both imported and local cheeses. “Our cheese plate is filling and hearty,” says Rosabelle. “You will leave feeling satisfied.”

As far as pairings go, Rosabelle says there is no one “right way” to go. If you enjoy contrasting flavors, you could try pairing a sharp cheese with a more smooth and sweet wine. If you enjoy complementary flavors, then you could pair a Pinot Grigio with a honey goat cheese. There is no right or wrong answer; there are only new experiences and enjoyable wines and cheeses.

Patrons at Brix Nouveau can also enjoy desserts from the Hot Chocolatier, coffee from Stone Cup, and bread from Bluff View bakery, local fare that helps give the bar a distinct “Chattanooga feel.”



Rosabelle says part of her plan for Brix Nouveau includes donating a portion of her proceeds to charities close to her heart. She also hopes to use her success to encourage others to use their skills and talents. “I hope my experience can influence other women,” Rosabelle says. “Sometimes it’s important to invest in yourself and in your own aspirations and passions.”

“My goals for Brix Nouveau are easily summed up,” Rosabelle says. “My desire is for personal success, for my employees to be successful, and to be able to contribute to the community.”


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