Celebrating the City — Ignite Red 2018

Photography by Michael Hampton

Shawn McLeod, Jesse Ayala, Felicia Boyes, and Todd Deal

Lynda & Michael Hood

Dr. Chad Deal, Dr. Lindsay Peckskamp, Dr. Carey Nease, Dr. Justin Paul Gusching, and Dr. Vincent Gardner

Gretchen Dunigan, Felicia Wright, and Robin Long

Tommy Hadden and Amy & Mark Phurrough

Carrie Tate, Claudia Wamack, and Brande Breneman

Randall Hebert, Mark Hite, and Eric Tidmore

Eddie & Robin Grant and Lynn & John Anderson

Ali Robinson and Jennifer McIntyre

Amy Mullins, Julia Bradshaw, Megan Manning, Dr. Beth Webb, Crissy Furrow, Heather Hatfield, and Beth Wright

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