Celebrating the City — Moth Ball 2018

Photos by Terry Henson

Jamie Kemp and Gina Dhanani

Danielle Jones and BJ Pierce

Buffy Patton, Amy Adams, Caroline Dale, Melissa Revels, and Beth Brost

Savannah and Sandy Hopkins

Allison Cross, Melissa Paryse, JanieMac Roe, and Chris Dixon

Melissa Colter, Amanda Wimberly, Beth Carder, and Cori Hankinson

Melanie Litchfield, Sonja Renfroe, Clea Klagstad, Avery Smith, and Julie Von Gremp

Lynn Anderson and Wendi Crew

Hailey McGee, Paige Blalock, Heather Batson, Brandi Millsaps, Crystal Dempsey, and Laura Cilen

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