Cooking with Cast Iron

Sausage & Shiitake Grilled Pizza

Baking/Pizza Pan
Makes one 14-inch pizza
Serves 4 
  • 6 plum tomatoes, skewered and charred on the grill, about five minutes per side
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/2 lb. Italian sausage, removed from casings
  • 1 lb. refrigerated pizza dough
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 red onion, sliced
  • Shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced, cut into small pieces, or shredded
  • Chopped fresh basil or baby arugula mixed with a dash of olive oil, salt, and fresh lemon juice
  • Salt and black pepper
  1. In a medium bowl, combine grilled tomatoes, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste, mixing and crushing tomatoes into a sauce. Set aside.
  2. Grill onion and mushrooms directly on the grill or using a Lodge Reversible Pro Grid Iron Griddle. As you finish grilling them, move to a Lodge 9-ounce cast iron oval mini server on the top rack of the grill to keep warm. Meanwhile, cook sausage in a Lodge 8-inch cast iron skillet on the side of the grill or attached burner.
  3. Flour a work surface and pizza dough; roll it out 1/2-inch thick, trimming off any excess. (Masey recommends brushing any dough trimmings with oil and garlic powder and popping them in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes on 350° for a delightful snack/appetizer.) Brush one side of dough with some of the oil and place on a Lodge 14-inch cast iron baking pan, oil side down, and grill for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Remove pan from the grill, brush top side of the dough with oil, and flip it over. Top the grilled side of the dough with the tomato sauce, then scatter your choice of the grilled toppings and sausage over the top. Finally, cover with mozzarella. Place pan back on the grill, close the lid, and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. If the mozzarella hasn’t melted, remove the pizza from the grill and stick under the broiler for another few minutes to melt.
  5. Top with basil or dressed arugula and serve.
Photo courtesy of Lodge Manufacturing
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Citrus Salsa Grilled Chicken

10-inch Cast Iron Skillet
Serves 4
  • Wayne Gray of South Pittsburg

    Wayne Gray
    of South Pittsburg

    2 jalapeño chiles, 1 sliced, 1 minced

  •  1/4 cup plus 1 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
  •  1/4 cup plus 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  •  4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
  •  1 navel orange, peeled, sectioned,
    and cut into 1/4-inch pieces
  •  1 small grapefruit, peeled, sectioned,
    and cut into 1/4-inch pieces
  •  4 scallions, thinly sliced
  •  10 cherry tomatoes, seeded and
  •  Grated zest of 1/2 orange
  •  Grated zest of 1/2 lime
  •  4 handfuls mixed greens
  •  Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  1. In a shallow bowl, combine jalapeño slices with 1/4 cup each of the lime juice and oil.
  2. Rub chicken with salt and pepper to taste, then place in the jalapeño marinade, turning to coat both sides. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes.
  3. Make the salsa. In a medium bowl, combine orange and grapefruit pieces, scallions, tomatoes, orange and lime zests, minced jalapeño, and remaining one tablespoon each lime juice and oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Remove chicken from marinade.Grease a 10-inch cast iron grill pan and heat over medium-high until hot. Add chicken and cook until no longer pink in the middle, about five minutes per side. Remove cooked chicken from pan and let rest for five minutes.
  5. Divide the greens between four serving plates. Slice the chicken and place a breast half over the greens on each plate. Spoon salsa over the top and serve immediately.
Photo courtesy of Lodge Manufacturing
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Chili Pepper Artichoke Dip

Lodge 2-qt Serving Pot
Serves a crowd
  • Taylor Watson of Chattanooga

    Taylor Watson
    of Chattanooga

    1 can (14 oz.) artichokes, drained
    and chopped

  •  2 cans (4 oz.) chopped green
    chiles, drained
  •  1 cup mayonnaise
  •  1 1/2 cups freshly grated Parmesan
    cheese, divided
  •  Paprika for garnish

CI.Dip2Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together, reserving some Parmesan cheese for topping. Put into serving pot. Sprinkle with reserved Parmesan cheese and paprika. Bake for 25 minutes until bubbling. Serve with crackers, preferably Triscuits. The cast iron maintains the dip’s warmth.

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McNew’s Okra Stew

Large Dutch Oven or Deep Skillet
Serves 4
  •  1 lb. okra pods, ends removed
    and sliced into rounds
  •  1/2 lb. smoked sausage, sliced
  •  1 cup chopped onion
  •  1/2 cup chopped green
    bell pepper
  •  1/2 cup chopped scallions
  •  2 cloves garlic, minced
  •  1/4 tsp. salt
  •  1/2 tsp. freshly ground
    black pepper
  • 1/2 lb. shrimp, peeled
    and deveined
  • 1 15-oz. can whole tomatoes
    (with their juice), chopped
  • 1 10-oz. package frozen lima
    beans, cooked till tender and
  •  3 Tbsp. canola oil
  •  Hot rice
  1. In a cast iron chicken fryer or large Dutch oven, cook okra, sausage, onion, bell pepper, scallions, garlic, salt, and black pepper in the oil over medium heat, stirring, until okra is crisp-tender.
  2. Add shrimp, reduce the heat to low, and cook until they are pink, about five minutes. Add
    tomatoes and cook 10 minutes. Add lima
    beans and simmer 15 minutes.
  3. Serve the stew over rice.
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