Creative Contemporary

Architect: Jay Caughman, Caughman + Caughman Architects
Builder: Greg Shull, Shull Development

This once traditional red brick home was meticulously redesigned by architect Jay Caughman of Caughman + Caughman Architects with some bold suggestions. From painting the red brick white, to enclosing an open courtyard for a new family room, to opening up the floor plan, the homeowners were happy to embrace the daringly contemporary redesign. In the foyer, a modular, windowed front door highlights crisp, straight-lined molding to emphasize the home’s contemporary theme. The entire home is washed in a shade called “silent white.” This monochromatic backdrop allows the homeowners’ art collection to shine and partner with elegant architectural features to punch up the drama. Also immediately evident and in keeping with the updated aesthetic, the floor plan is very open, with enormous door casings that allow sightlines from nearly one side of the house to the other. Caughman explains, “We just opened the sightlines and cleaned up the circulations, which immediately helped the home feel very updated.”

By Katie Faulkner Photography by Philip Slowiak
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In With the Old

Walking in from the front door, straight ahead is a new addition to the home. What was once an exterior, U-shaped courtyard is now enclosed with a vaulted roofline to create a new family room. “In adding this middle portion to the roofline, the most challenging part was getting the drainage to work and making sure the room was proportional. We wanted it to feel comfortable for two people to sit in here and talk, and for eight or 12 people to sit in here and talk,” Caughman says. In addition to the vaulted ceiling, this new family room features a custom concrete fireplace, white brick walls that were once the exterior walls of the house, and ample windows to soak the room in sunlight. French doors also open out into the beautiful backyard.

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“We didn’t change much about the layout of the kitchen, but with the new entryway and how it opens more to the rest of the house, we really changed the way you experience the kitchen.”

– Jay Caughman. Caughman + Caughman Architects


To one side of the house, the U-shaped kitchen remains in nearly the same layout as the original home. Though completely renovated, the appliances and work stations stayed in relatively the same place. However, off the end of the kitchen, a mudroom and new garage entryway were added. “We didn’t change much about the layout of the kitchen, but with the new entryway and how it opens more to the rest of the house, we really changed the way you experience the kitchen,” Caughman shares.

Elegant and unadorned white cabinetry, stainless appliances, LED lighting, and a palatial white quartz island countertop help this kitchen feel fresh, modern, and spacious. Black accents play off the light-toned room to balance and ground the space, while a diverse furniture selection keeps the space feeling warm and charming. Ladder back chairs paired with a lazy Susan-topped table add a homey touch and help connect the expansive space to the adjacent dining room.

Appliances and plumbing fixtures: Ferguson | Cabinetry: Classic Cabinetry

Cabinetry design: Kris Keith, Classic Cabinetry

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On the opposite end of the house are three bedrooms, including the master suite. A tranquil, minimally furnished space maintains sleek, contemporary lines with a platform bed, gray Roman shades, and an oversized area rug. Cool shades of gray add to the polished and peaceful appearance, while a large window allows in natural light. “We expanded the existing window to help the room feel more open,” Caughman says.

In the connected bathroom, off-whites and soft grays make a soothing statement. Crisp marble counters and tiled floors add a sense of luxury, which is accentuated by the expansive glass-encased shower room. Multiple shower heads, recessed shelves, and steam capabilities take this luxury bathroom to a spa-level experience.

Cabinetry: Classic Cabinetry

Cabinetry design: Kris Keith, Classic Cabinetry

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Through the back door of the new great room is a pristine outdoor living area. A curved pool surrounded by brick pavers offers a serene space to spend time. To the back of the pool, an original gazebo was restored and updated with modern features, including a sleek metal roof, to serve as a screened-in porch. From the back, the symmetry of the home’s new design takes center stage. The fresh, contemporary redesign is evident throughout this stunning home, all the way to the crisp exteriors.

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Other suppliers:

Built-in shelves: Chris Dunwoody Custom Cabinetry

Carpet: Tom’s Carpet Outlet

Countertops: Granite Warehouse

Fireplace doors and iron railings: Chattanooga Ornamental Iron

Garage doors: Chattanooga Garage Door

Landscaping: Lang-Scapes, LLC

Tile: Louisville Tile

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