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By Christina Davenport
Photography by Philip Slowiak

When constructing this endearing home on the outskirts of the city, Larry Waldrep of Waldrep Construction, LLC, was driven not by a particular style, but rather by the need to create a spacious, low-maintenance residence that could serve as a respite from the outside world.

This no-frills approach is evident the moment guests lay eyes on the home’s exterior, which pairs clean and simple white painted brick with latticework and other embellishments for an added dose of interest.

“This house is really a combination of functionality and high-quality construction,” says Melissa Waldrep of Waldrep Construction, LLC. “And then to top it off design-wise, we added elements that we have seen throughout the years from different architectural styles that we really liked and thought added something extra.”

Builder: Waldrep Construction, LLC

Stylish Simplicity

Yet another example of this is the curved roofline just over the entryway that offers resistance to the rounded nature of the porch ingress and the charming arch-top wood front door. A more subtle arch can be found just to the left, where a small nook is outfitted with a window featuring a diamond frame, and a lantern hanging just before the front doors motions visitors inside with its faint, welcoming glow. All of these choices work in conjunction with one another to convey that this chic home holds simplicity and style in high esteem.

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Tile: Louisville Tile

The inviting nature of the home doesn’t stop at the front porch. Stepping inside transports guests right into the main thoroughfare, where a bedroom to the left demands to be explored. Soft creams, beiges, browns, and muddy greens lay the foundation for the design and are utilized in everything from paint colors and textiles to furniture and framed artwork. Further driving home the notion that this house is meant to be a tranquil retreat, botanical art punctuates the walls and is accompanied by other elements – such as the golden twig chandelier over the bathtub – that convey an ode to nature.

“This is a new build, so we obviously wanted the house to feel new,” explains Waldrep. “You have to be able to find the balance between keeping that new feeling without having everything too modernized.”

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Cabinetry: Wood Hollow Cabinets | Lighting fixtures: Inline Lighting

And nowhere is that balance more apparent than in the home’s kitchen. A suite of state-of-the-art, stainless-steel appliances exists in conjunction with more natural materials such as the Early American hardwood floors, a leathered granite island, and pine beams.
Simple subway tile backsplash and light double-stacked cabinetry are understated selections and let the view from several large picture windows dominate the room. A pot filler faucet emerges from a framed mosaic behind the range, and its finish repeats the same sheen seen in the hardware and plumbing and lighting fixtures in the room.


“Large kitchen islands really have become a mainstay for many families. This is where kids do homework, parents execute evening projects, and of course, where meals are made. We knew this room could handle this large of an island, so we just went for it.”
– Melissa Waldrep, Waldrep Construction, LLC 

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A thick wooden dining table is surrounded by two long benches and has parsons chairs at the heads, while four barstools tucked under the oversized island offer even more seating.

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With virtually no separation from the kitchen and dining area, the living room offers up the connectivity that open concepts aim to deliver. Two cream-colored sofas and refined armchairs round out the area’s seating arrangement, and the same pine beams found in the kitchen run perpendicular to the tongue-and-groove ceiling. The real showstopper of this room, however, is the angular stucco fireplace.

“This is one of those things we pivoted on in the middle of the project, but I think it worked out for the better,” explains Waldrep. “We were originally going to do a stone fireplace, but after seeing a stucco one while we were out somewhere, it felt like the right choice. In hindsight, I think stone would have weighed down this space too much and not worked with the goals of the house.”

Windows: East Chattanooga Lumber & Supply Co.

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One of those main goals, aside from having a calming demeanor, was to have a large outdoor living space and to make the separation of inside and outside spaces essentially nonexistent. Executed flawlessly, a set of double doors off the side of the living room lead to a spacious composite, screened-in deck. Here, the same light-colored textiles are used and are dotted with rich blue accents.

Several other parallels are present – such as the same ceiling style and fireplace mantel – but are cloaked in a differing stain for a twist on continuity. Fit for a crowd, this area can easily seat eight at its elongated dining table, and another eight can drift away in conversation in front of the fireplace. A hammock chair is a dreamy addition, and this entire space is outfitted with fans and heaters to make it a year-round oasis.

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On the bottom floor of the home, serenity takes a fun twist. From golf and arcade gaming to pool and ping pong, this space has it all. Complete with a bar and kitchenette area, this is where guests come to let out their competitive nature and kick back with a cold one in hand. Concrete flooring, richly stained wood, and brick accents give this room a polished but more industrial feel, but as with all other areas of the home, it has been specifically curated to evoke particular feelings and emotions.

“We knew this home needed to be a certain square footage, and we knew it needed a great outdoor living space,” says Waldrep. “So after we got it situated on the lot and those things fell into place, we really just had to make sure each room was appropriate for what we wanted to take place there.”

Other suppliers:
Appliances: AllSouth Appliance Group, Inc.
Brick: Acme Brick, Tile & Stone
Counters: Rocky Tops
Floors: Kenworthy Hardwood Flooring
Interior doors and trim: Henley Supply Millwork, Inc.
Plumbing fixtures: Noland

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