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Your home is an extension of you, and there are countless ways to show off your unique style – even small details can make a big impact. Here, we’ve asked local experts to divulge their best tips for making a statement with flooring, windows, and doors.

Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium Esther LovingoodSoutheastern Salvage Home Emporium | Esther Lovingood

Use flooring to make your home feel cohesive. If you want to make a statement, go for texture when selecting your materials – and don’t be afraid to play with patterns as you decide how to lay it. If you’re feeling bold, get creative with how you transition your floors between zones. Windows can be used to highlight your home’s best features. Choose where you want your focal points to be, inside and out, and make your interiors feel larger with more natural light. Consider accentuating the exterior of your windows with shutters. Make sure they are proportionate to your windows and that their placement makes sense architecturally.
When choosing a front door, remember that this is the first thing a visitor will see before entering your home – make it an extension of your home’s unique style. Choose a color and style that complements the rest of your exterior, but remember that contrast can be incredibly complementary and eye-catching in the best way.


Window Works & Exteriors of Chattanooga | Trey MooWindow Works & Exteriors
of Chattanooga | Trey Moon

A homeowner can make a statement with their windows in many ways. Elite window systems, like the Window Works Composite line, offer multiple exterior composite components to enhance exterior architectural appeal. These systems offer profile options on three sides of your window’s exterior as well as two options for the bottom sill. These new exterior trim components combine lasting design elegance with traditional aluminum cladding, and composite can be ordered in custom colors to suit your specific design scheme. Composite windows and doors blend the elegant appearance of a true wood with the maintenance freedom of vinyl and the strength of metal, and they also offer cutting-edge energy-saving and operational features. The interior can also be designed with real wood pine veneer, providing the warmth of a finely milled wood window without the problems associated with wood. A beautiful statement for your home coupled with advanced technology!

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Interior Trim & Supply, Inc. Eddie LawsonInterior Trim & Supply, Inc. | Eddie Lawson

Homeowners by far are choosing to dress up their houses by changing their front door units out. Many of our customers are swapping their existing painted doors with sidelites and transoms for mahogany double door units, which are stained and typically have beveled glass. We are also seeing a fair amount of iron/glass decorative door units replacing the old front door units. Front doors are one of the focal points of most houses and are a great way to spruce things up.




Window and Door Gallery | Sheila TaylorWindow and Door Gallery | Sheila Taylor

Many homeowners want to increase their home’s curb appeal, and windows are a major element of the home’s exterior look – in many cases, they either add or detract from the overall ‘wow factor’ of the home. Windows add to the beauty of a home’s exterior; they can be used to highlight distinctive architecture or to complement the overall theme of the home, from classic to contemporary styles. By selecting different window colors, sizes, and grid patterns, homeowners can make a dramatic statement. Many homeowners are choosing windows to enhance the grand entry of their homes, creating a focal point that enhances the street view. Additionally, the right window selection can open up a room and bring outdoor beauty inside by enhancing views of the home’s surroundings.



East Chattanooga Lumber & Supply Co. Mallory HarrisonEast Chattanooga Lumber & Supply Co. | Mallory Harrison

Adding decorative grilles, also known as muntin bars, to your windows and doors is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. These purely aesthetic grilles add visual interest by separating the glass into different panes, and they are available in a variety of styles to complement different types of architecture. Grilles can be incorporated between panes of glass – to enhance the look of the window without complicating cleaning – or they can be placed on the outside of the glass for a more authentic look. While they can make your windows more attractive, grilles can obstruct the view from inside the home, so they can be placed on the front windows only and not on the side and rear to maximize visibility. When it comes to window grilles, sometimes less is more, but drafting house plans with your preferred grille pattern can help ensure you will be pleased with the outcome of your selection.

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River Valley Blinds Shades & Shutters | Jason Flaherty River Valley Blinds Shades & Shutters | Jason Flaherty

It’s exciting to see all of the options available with windows and doors. With the multitude of frame colors and pane designs, they can really make an impact on the look and feel of the home. We are definitely seeing a shift from white and taupe window frames to black and bronze. From traditional to contemporary, there is something for everyone. Sometimes, the challenge is addressing privacy and light control without compromising on the aesthetic of the home. We love helping clients select the right blinds, shades, or shutters to complement their window and door selection while serving their needs for privacy and light control.



Chattanooga Floor Care Matt JefferyChattanooga Floor Care | Matt Jeffery

Flooring is truly the foundation of everything you do in your home – without flooring, a space often becomes forgotten. I think most people have a spot like this in their home, but those areas and their surfaces can be turned into something beautiful and expand the entertainment or living spaces in your home to serve more purposes. A garage can become a ‘man cave,’ a patio can become an outdoor dining room, and your basement can serve as an entertainment haven for the kids or even a ‘she-den’ for mom! I’m always reminding people that if they’ve got ugly concrete, they don’t have to be stuck with it. There are so many ways to breathe new life into those old spaces.

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