East Brow Baroque

By Katie Faulkner

Photography by Beacon Imagery

Brad and Courtney Cobb broke ground on their beautiful Lookout Mountain stone cottage just after their first child was born 18 years ago. Incorporating dramatic art pieces and striking jewel-tones with mixed patterns and textiles, evocative of a subdued Baroque décor, this treasured family home has continually evolved throughout the past two decades. But like fine wine, it has only gotten
better with time.

“We got into collecting art together early in our relationship. Actually, when this house was being built, I remember Brad insisting one day that we go check on the house’s progress. It was just bare studs inside, but when we walked in, he had a painting that I had told him I loved, by Mary Jane Kelly, propped against a post in the middle of what is now the living room. He’s pretty great at gift giving.”

– Courtney Cobb


I always wanted a stone house, I guess because my parents had one. I’ve just always loved that style,” says the mother of three and avid art collector. The front façade of the Cobb home is exactly what Courtney was going for, with the appearance of a large stone cottage. The slate stairway at the entrance draws your eyes to the steep roof peaks as you enter the front door.

The foyer’s marble floor is draped in a sateen hide rug, and complemented by a French country garden bench. Up the grand staircase, multiple paintings in gold tones, lend a soft shimmer to the space. To the left is the formal dining room, to the right is the parlor, and beyond the archway under the stairs is the formal living room.

In the dining room, a long farmhouse table is complemented by a bench and slipcovered chairs. Impressive details, like the tray-top table being used as a tea cart, bring sentimental value to the design. Courtney fought her way through crowds at the famous Baker Furniture sale in Michigan to snag that table. “People camp out over night to get in the store for that sale. It’s crazy,” she laughs, “But I love finding a good deal!” The hard-earned table is topped with a silver tea set given to her by her mother.

Across the entryway is the parlor, where the French country backdrop is adorned with more dramatic elements like art pieces, pops of color, and animal prints. Slipcovered furniture and earthen textiles ground the room in varied neutral hues while bright origami sculptures and the bold painting above the couch make the room feel more dynamic.

Venturing through the arched hallway under the stairs you’re greeted by views that only the East Brow can offer of the valley and metro Chattanooga. The arched transoms above each of the three windowed French doorways extends the view to the ceiling, filling the room with a scenic backdrop. Oversized, purple velvet sofas are one of the room’s most impactful features and were found by Courtney’s dad during a business trip to Vietnam. Building around their bold presence, an eclectic blend of patterns and jewel tones elevates the aesthetic to high fashion. “I’m constantly changing things. It seems like as soon as I finish decorating a room, I’m ready to re-do it. But I really enjoy it,” Courtney says, explaining that one of her favorite hobbies is curating specially tailored styles, room-by-room. Most of her inspiration begins with the art collection that she and Brad have built together.

Through the side doors of the living room, you enter the open kitchen and family room. Amply-windowed with earthy tones and textiles, this is the area of the house where Brad, Courtney, and their three teenagers spend the most time. “We have a lot of get-togethers and everyone always ends up in the kitchen somehow!” Courtney laughs. But with ample seating and beautiful materials, this isn’t surprising. The island seats six, with a dining nook that seats six more. And the kitchen boasts gourmet appliances, black granite counters, and a subway tile backsplash. In the adjoining family room, a stone fireplace with a rustic quarter tree trunk ties the mountainous outdoor views to the interiors. More slipcovered furniture and a coffee table with an aged patina all lend a sense of comfort and familiarity to the family space.

If the family isn’t gathered in the kitchen and den, they’re likely watching movies piled up in the master bedroom’s plush seating area. Overstuffed, slipcovered chair and a halfs pair with the oatmeal linens of the four-post bed and the cream marble of the fireplace to round out the room’s peaceful color palette.

The palatial master bathroom mixes clean lines with a monochromatic color scheme to evoke a stately, spacious, and crisp feeling. The defining element of this space is the striking artwork beside the vanity – an anatomical sketch by Mimi Herbert. “This is probably my favorite piece in the whole house,” Courtney muses.

Upstairs and throughout the rest of the house, more artful masterpieces and white orchids punctuate each space, continuing the cohesive style.

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