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Mallory Harrison

East Chattanooga Lumber & Supply Co. | Mallory Harrison

Door systems with multiple operating panels such as gliding patio, multi-slide, and bi-fold offer the ideal way to create an outdoor living experience for your home. By replacing a wall, window, or typical patio door, these door systems remove the barrier between the indoors and outdoors and create an open environment with natural light and fresh air. These systems span from six feet in length all the way to 30 feet, scalable to any home size, and are offered in a variety of heights. Being able to utilize a standard door size will give you the best value when purchasing. Whether you are building a new home or looking to add space and functionality to your existing home, multi-panel doors systems are now in your reach and an option you should definitely explore.

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Sharon Gordon

Concrete Repair Specialist, LLC | Sharon Gordon

Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors is the ideal way to transition from indoor to outdoor spaces. Using large windows and doors, you can create a big opening that will allow traffic to flow easily from inside to outside. You can further optimize the flow between indoors and outdoors by making sure that both the floors are level. Create traffic flow by choosing the same floor covering for both inside and outside. Be sure and pick a floor covering that is recommended for indoor/outdoor use. Using a concrete surface with a concrete coating (that is UV stable) is an excellent choice for indoor/outdoor spaces. Cracks, trip hazards, and other damaged concrete should be repaired before the coating is applied. Then the floors will look amazing and be pet friendly and easy to maintain.

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Tiffany Moon

Window Works of Chattanooga | Tiffany Moon

Sunrooms are one great way to combine outdoor expansion with this additional room flowing from your interior spaces. Join the two with a wide patio door or French doors to create the flow of one big, beautiful connected space. Floor-to-ceiling picture windows on each side of outward-swinging French doors with full-view glass create optimal flow with visual connection to your outdoor space. Another must-have is our four panel composite sliding door system that essentially feels like the size of the wall. Panoramic doors capitalize on views and unify the flow of connection. Continuous flooring from inside to outside under an extended exterior overhang gives the sense of freedom from the wall that separates your indoors from your outdoors. We truly enjoy seeing your existing openings and giving you designer options to best optimize this flow.

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Nancy McKee

Pella Windows & Doors of Chattanooga | Nancy McKee

Despite what many people think, you don’t need a lot of space to create a spacious-looking and beautiful indoor/outdoor oasis. All it takes are a few nature-inspired elements. Rustic wood beams on the ceiling lead your eye to patio doors and sunlight. Outdoor furniture and flooring that mimic what’s already in your home add a sense of continuity. Multi-slide patio doors that open from one side or from the middle can create an even bigger open concept living area. Pass-through windows that open to a pool bar or patio help you easily pass food and drinks back and forth. And the best part about all of these ideas is that you don’t have to choose one or the other to optimize the flow of your home. You can achieve the outdoor space of your dreams by mixing, matching, and having fun.

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Frank Nolze

Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium | Frank Nolze

The first thing that separates the interior and the exterior is the door. Choosing a door with lots of windows, such as a French door, helps make the two feel connected. Using mini blinds or sheer curtains on your windows will let the outdoors into your home. Flooring is very important, both inside and out. To match your wooden deck, we suggest using a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) to match the hardwood of the deck while still being waterproof for kitchen spills or wet feet. If you have a carpeted room, you could take carpet outside by laying a few indoor/outdoor rugs. Nothing has to match exactly, though using complementary color schemes will make the outside and inside fit together. We recommend choosing stains that work together for your decking, doors, indoor flooring, and cabinetry.

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Joey Tubbs

RSW Chattanooga | Joey Tubbs

Some of the ways that I found to optimize indoor and outdoor spaces is to use larger door units. Increasing the size of your exterior doors immediately enhances the appearance, functionality, and focus of your home and allows more light into the living area. We encourage using full glass doors as a great way to invite nature and natural light in. There are several options to consider, such as the popular choice of the bi-folding unit or the multi-slide unit, both of which have multiple panels that create a desirable wide opening for enjoyment and entertaining! This will also increase the home value, and of course add much curb appeal.

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Jason Flaherty

River Valley Blinds Shades & Shutters | Jason Flaherty

In our beautiful city, the line between indoor and outdoor living is becoming more and more blurred. Outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and lounge areas are more popular than ever before. With this being the case, the intense Tennessee summer sun can make truly enjoying that space a challenge. We have found that strategically using exterior solar shades for heat and glare reduction that harmonize with interior shades and treatments creates the perfect marriage of the spaces, making the transition from inside to outside seamless and beautiful. The vast variety of fabrics available, as well as smart automation, really make luxurious indoor/outdoor spaces easily achievable, and we love assisting our clients in finding the perfect balance between them.

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