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A Southern gentleman’s style seamlessly merges past and present. With a nod to British heritage and a bit of Italian flair, the ruggedly refined look of a Southern gent embodies the essence of hard work, family values, and a deep appreciation for the past. Elevate your everyday look with these thoughtfully curated accoutrements, available from your local jeweler or clothier.

Inspired by luxury performance cars, these bands are crafted using cobalt and carbon fiber.

At Fischer Evans

The luxurious feel of this charcoal cashmere scarf will make you wish for winter winds all year long.

At J.Crew

Iconic Heritage
The Barbour Classic Bedale is lined in their signature cotton tartan for comfort with a hand-waxed weatherproof finish.

At Hanover Blue

Contemporary Carry-All
Paying homage to saddlebags used by the U.S. Calvary in the 1850s, this handmade leather briefcase is both practical and professional.

At Rone Regency

With exposed screws and curved lines, the Persol Typewriter Edition sunglasses captures the vintage soul.

At Onward Reserve

Never lose track of time wearing this exquisite timepiece crafted by premier Swiss watchmaker Breitling.

At Rone Regency


Bow Bright
Brackish feather bow ties are crafted from hand-selected pheasant feathers to create a striking look. 

At Bruce Baird & Co.



Time’s Up
This 18k yellow gold Rolex is the classic timepiece for the refined gentleman.

At Brody Jewelers


Piaget by Tiffany & Co. 18k yellow gold and ultra-thin leather watch for subtle elegance.

At Brody Jewelers


Poetic Flourish
Silk pocket squares by Peter Millar, Eton, and Italo Ferretti for that classic pop of color.

At Yacoubian Tailors


Prime Time
The NOA watch with a leather band is your casual, everyday take on a tuxedo watch.

At Fischer Evans

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