Favorite Hats for Everyday Wear

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a men’s accessory better than the hat. Standing the test of time, hats are functional, providing some much-needed reprieve from the sun, but they’re also stylish and can be used on a whim to elevate an outfit and deliver a dose of personality. Read on for some of our favorite hats that are back in style – or never left – and what differentiates them from each other. 



Panama Hat line drawing

Panama Hat

The perfect complement to a sandy beach, the Panama hat actually hails from Ecuador. While it may be its widespread use during the construction of the Panama Canal that got the hat its name, this option is still relevant today and is characterized by its material – toquilla straw. Although it can technically be made into any shape or style, fedoras or wide-brimmed styles tend to be the most common. 






boater hat line drawing

Boater Hat

This summer staple, often seen gracing the crowns of a barbershop quartet, is perfect for hot weather and blinding sunlight. It’s typically made of stiff straw, making it a breathable option, and has a flat top and wide brim. With a ribbon in tow, this option can dress up a more casual outfit or bring a beachy vibe to something more formal.






newsboy cap line drawing


The British cousin of the flat cap, the newsboy began seeing a resurgence at the turn of the century. Rounder and fuller, this hat sports a top button and was historically a style for the wealthy. 







porkpie hat line drawing

Porkpie Hat

Becoming more fashion-forward by the minute, porkpie hats were one of the most popular options in the 19th century. They are primarily characterized by the shape of their crown – a flat-topped oval complete with oval indentations – and the brims on these hats tend to be small or medium in size. 






trilby hat line drawing

Trilby Hat

Often confused with the fedora is the trilby. While these hats are similar in shape and style, there are a few key differences. Trilby hats are characterized by a much smaller brim than the fedora and often have a taller crown. This option is more stylish than functional, but still great nonetheless. 






ivy or flat cap line drawing

Ivy or Flat Cap

Traditionally worn by farmers and chimney sweepers of yesteryear, flat caps have been increasing in popularity and are a fashionable choice that will keep you warm, too. Distinguished by their low profile and slightly rounded top, these hats are generally made from tweed, wool, or cotton and can either have a bill that’s visible or one that is perfectly in line with the crown. 






bowler or derby hat line drawing

Bowler or Derby Hat

The bowler hat looks exactly how it sounds and is an iconic accessory dating back to 19th-century England. Semi-formal in nature, this hat is typically made from hard felt and has a short brim, along with a rounded crown. 




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