Finding Joy

We all want our homes to feel happy and peaceful. Whether it is through decluttering, your décor choices, or how you organize your functional spaces, there are many ways to make your home a less stressful and more calming place. Hear from six home experts on how you can find joy in your home.



Dave & Kelli Holliday, ShelfGenie

Dave & Kelli Holliday,

Organize your kitchen well to ease daily stress. An organized kitchen looks great and helps your family function better, so you feel happier and more relaxed each day. Here are a couple of ways to get that organized kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. First, declutter: Separate items into four piles – keep, sell, donate, and toss. If you’re not sure about an item, put it aside and see if you miss it. If not, your home will be better off without it. Second, create zones: Designate certain cabinets for bakeware, pots and pans, small appliances, and plastic storage. Assign drawers for utensils, towels, foil, office supplies, medicines, and so on. Finding items and putting them away will be quick and simple, and that is something to be happy about.



Jackie Howard Scarlett’s Cabinetry

Jackie Howard
Scarlett’s Cabinetry

What brings joy to a kitchen is having a place for everything and having what you use daily being easily accessible. First, get rid of what you do not use. If you have not used a certain cooking utensil or a small appliance in six months, give it away. Second, decide where to store items based on how frequently you use them and where you use them. For example, store aluminum foil and plastic wrap where your counters allow you space to wrap and then place straight into the refrigerator; store coffee mugs right above your coffee maker with your condiments – why go across to the pantry for the sugar? Only your favorite saucepans and skillets should be close to your cooktop. The ones you use less frequently can be placed in another drawer on the other side of the kitchen. All pots and pans do not have to be in the same location. Third, make sure your storage places are neat and organized. Store your lighter items such as Tupperware in smaller drawers, or mix heavy items with lighter items in the same drawer tightly, so they don’t get tossed around.



Kim Campbell, Chattanooga Closet Company

Kim Campbell, Chattanooga Closet Company

Having joy and finding peace in your home comes easier to some people than others. I recommend considering how important things are and then deciding accordingly. Some people will want to display their photographs of family, friends, and maybe trips they’ve taken. It could be a collection of items. Putting all like items together is a great way to sort and prioritize. Take time to consider what is taking up space in your home and if it’s important enough to be on display. Could it go to storage? Or maybe, it even needs to be donated or recycled. I encourage you to start the process and then sit back and enjoy the results of your hard work.



Ashley C. Stinson, Cain Development, LLC

Ashley C. Stinson,
Cain Development, LLC

You are most comfortable and peaceful in a space that reflects your personal style. Don’t follow trends that you don’t love because it’s what you are “supposed to do.” Choose your own path of design happiness in whatever direction your heart takes you!  Pick a color palette that you love and then accessorize with textiles, art, and florals that add a personal touch. There is no wrong or right answer to your personal space design. As long as it is perfect for you, it is perfect!




Juliet Braly Kitchen and Bath Designer, Juliet Braly Interior Design

Juliet Braly
Kitchen and Bath
Designer, Juliet Braly
Interior Design

What a joy it is to walk into a neatly maintained room and find what you are looking for! Rooms like your laundry room, mudroom, or utility room can be easily overlooked spaces where junk piles up. Don’t let that happen. Imagine walking right up to the location you expect to find an item and actually finding it! How do we get there from here?  First, set aside time to go through each item in the room. Silence the distractions – put your phone on ‘do not disturb,’ send the kids to Nana’s, and order in food. Put on some music, whatever motivates you, and concentrate on the task at hand. Second, as you decide which items are treasures and which are trash, think to yourself, “Every time I need something in this drawer, I’m going to have to filter past this thing. Is it worth it?” When you throw it away, do not second guess yourself. Third, make your space beautiful: Install built-in cabinets with decorative details for larger items and use fun-colored baskets and bins of all sizes to organize smaller items. Fourth, reward yourself when you finish!




Joyce Bean, Lighting Consultant, Ferguson

Joyce Bean,
Lighting Consultant,

Finding the best lighting for your home can give you a feeling of joy and accomplishment. Whether it’s lighting your new piece of art, lighting your display cabinets to show off your collectibles, or finding a beautiful lamp to read by, lighting can change how you view your space and how you feel in the space. Adding dimmers to your chandelier for ambiance sets the mood, while adding task lighting in the kitchen helps you function. All these lighting updates can make you feel good, change your mood, and make your everyday tasks a more enjoyable experience. Do not settle for okay. Love your lighting.


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