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Make the Perfect First Impression
A Collection of the Best Styles, Colors, and Accents

1. Set the scene when guests enter your home

The first impression for any home starts upon entrance. Having a statement piece that is stylish yet functional is the best way to make an impact. Opt for pieces that use a mix of metals and textures to really amp up the style. 

2. Focus on integrity and detail

Beautiful bedroom pieces are a necessity for anyone looking for a perfect respite. Focus on buying pieces that are both beautiful and match your style but that are also built to last. Having staple pieces that will last a lifetime both in style and function is a must.

3. Create an awe factor with art and unique lighting

Layering light with specially curated art pieces is a great way to make an eye-catching focal point in your home. The two play off of one another flawlessly creating a gallery for visitors to enjoy. Match colors and tones, and be sure the light hits the art in a way that only enhances the experience for guests.

4. Ground the space

Grounding the space with a mix of neutrals creates an elegant and modern aesthetic. Rugs and carpets play a huge role in the overall aesthetic of a home. Look to neutral, soothing tones to not only enhance the refined, upscale feel of the space, but to also hide that inevitable dust that comes from a well-loved home!




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1. Invite

This modular linen sofa sectional sets a simple, elegant but inviting mood as guests arrive at your home. Cushions are a clever combination of traditional high-density foam cushions wrapped in a cloud-like down/fiber blend making it the perfect seat, every time. Available in two fabrics (or leather) and dozens of configurations, this set is sure to make the statement you’re after.

2. Show off

A moody display cabinet can make a statement while showing your guests the things that matter to you most. Glass doors show off your worldly collections or comfy blanket stash, or choose closed storage that hides the clutter of dinnerware and family board games. Either way, store things in style.

3. Accent

The comforting neutrals of today’s trends can be excitingly offset with a fun accent piece. This swivel glider comes in several intriguing fabrics, as well as matching pillows to tie everything together. Customizable options give you the chance to choose your chair, features, and fabric so you can have the exact accent with both the form and function you’re dreaming of.

4. Mise en place

The chaos of the day is easily tamed with a storage piece at the door, leaving less mess to clutter your style. From hall trees to chests, there are dozens of options of storage furniture for any size space to keep your floors and closets neat and tidy.









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1. Install luxe lighting

The Saxon Black Chandelier is one of our monumental chandeliers that extends to an impressive 63 inches in diameter. Its shape and the Zanzibar black finish are nods to a bygone era but its slender lines that arc gracefully make its profile modern.

2. Select stylish seating

The Sylvie Bench Seat Sofa is an elegant and versatile piece of furniture designed to enhance any living space. With its clean lines, plush bench-style seating, and high-quality upholstery, this sofa offers both comfort and style for a contemporary and sophisticated look. Its spacious design allows for ample seating, making it a perfect addition to entertain guests or unwind in comfort.

3. Create a focal point with a fire pit

OW Lee’s Casual Fireside fire pits are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, designed to create a warm and inviting ambience in any outdoor setting. Crafted with premium materials and attention to detail, these fire pits offer exceptional durability and performance. Whether for relaxing evenings with family or entertaining guests, OW Lee’s Casual Fireside fire pits provide a charming focal point that enhances the outdoor experience.

4. Cultivate refined relaxation

The Signature Chaise Lounger is the perfect companion for ultimate relaxation on your pool’s sun shelf, tanning ledge, baja shelf, sun deck, or any flat surface submerged in 0-9” of water. Its ergonomic design and water-friendly materials provide unparalleled comfort and support, allowing you to bask in the sun while enjoying a refreshing dip at the same time. Its curves are designed to conform to your body’s natural contours for your complete comfort. At the same time, the chaise’s timeless simplicity and clean aesthetic add a touch of elegance to your poolside scene, while its durable construction lets it stand up against all the elements.











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1. Add a touch of modern

Pendants are often the first thing people notice when they come into your kitchen. This Cleo pendant from Visual Comfort Signature has a very simple shape but adds a layer of sophistication with the burnished brass accent and the marble sphere. It is available in white and black.

2. Have some fun

No one said lights have to be boring! This Talia chandelier is a new take on the simple glass globe light fixture. Light shimmers through multiple swirled glass orbs attached to metal baskets, creating a whimsical flourish. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the Talia series by Visual Comfort Signature adds a dynamic mix of sparkling glass, rounded form, and bright metals to any interior.

3. Don’t forget small spaces

Oftentimes we hear customers malign about dark spaces in their kitchens. Adding picture lighting above the open shelving in this kitchen is the perfect way to accentuate sentimental items and artwork alike. The one used here is hand-rubbed brass from the David Collection by Visual Comfort Signature. They are available in a variety of metals and lengths.












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1. Choose a cohesive color scheme
that reflects your style

A color scheme that flows throughout the home or office will create a design that adds unity and balance. It will also make it easy to show off your unique touches and design style.

2. Create a welcoming entrance

Giving detailed attention to the initial areas where guests arrive goes a long way in creating a welcoming space. Simple design, proper scale, and proportions are just a few to consider.

3. Create inviting spaces for guests

Make the perfect retreat for an overnight stay by incorporating storage areas, a comfortable bed, and thoughtful touches in a guest suite. Wallpapers, stone countertops, and rich paint tones in the powder room add luxury.

4. Choose a design plan that meets all your functional needs

Functionality is often overlooked when designing a space. Considering the intended purpose and the activities that will take place can add much needed value to everyday use. Function and aesthetics go hand in hand.











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1. Create a memorable space

The most memorable homes play off our senses and encourage guests to reminisce while also experiencing your home as a new and energizing space. A familiar scent can be at once historical and inviting, like our Carrière Frères candles offering French classics such as tomato, orange blossom, and gardenia.

2. Mix function with style

With a pleasant mix of both high and low furnishings, such as a gorgeous heirloom Modern History chest paired with a simple IKEA tray, the trick is blending functional and beautiful items leaving guests feeling both intrigued and comfortable.  

3. Pay attention to light temperature and color

We always talk to our clients about lighting and your experience being enhanced by a lighting mood. With the government’s new enforcement of LED lighting, pay particular attention to LED light temperature or color, staying at 2700K range, and opt for dimmability, like this Visual Comfort lamp, where possible.

4. Play with different styles and time periods

Playing to our focus of creating a home of history and character, allow different styles and time periods to play together in the same space! This Michele Bönan Interiors chair is perfect for just that!











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1. Stick to the classics

Nothing adds richness and sophistication like wood blinds. With so many stain colors to choose from, it’s easy to warm up any space with this timeless classic. Utilizing motorization and automation options, a modern spin on a tried-and-true treatment has never been easier.  

2. Keep it simple

Interior shutters are timeless and versatile. From classic to modern, formal to casual, there is a shutter for every décor. They are energy efficient, excellent for light control, a cinch to keep clean, and can be made to fit unusually shaped windows, all while increasing the value of your home.

3. Make it modern

Simple, versatile, easy to use and maintain – it’s no surprise that roller shades are a popular choice. Whether you dress them up or down or somewhere in between, you can achieve a perfect look for any space. Roller shades’ discreet, clean look makes them the perfect fit for modern contemporary styles, and they are exceptional when motorized and fully integrated into home automation.

4. Dress up the outdoors

Exterior shades are the ticket to making the most of your porch or patio. Weather resistant fabrics in a multitude of colors and weaves provide on-demand comfort and style. Whether you need relief from the sun, privacy from neighbors, shelter from golf balls, or reprieve from insects, exterior shades can do the trick.


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1. Invest in vintage

We carry many one-of-a-kind vintage pieces throughout the shop. We love mixing old with new in every space. Vintage furniture always has a story to tell and a sense of history.

2. Add interest with pillows and bedding

We just can’t get enough of the mix of fabrics and textures. From hand-blocked fabrics to heavy weighted linens we carry a wide variety of bedding and pillows.

3. Delight in seasonal décor

Hand-carved wood pumpkins are always a nice texture to throw in to your seasonal décor.

4. Be festive

No two Turkish pots are alike, and we are loving the patina each one gives. Layer in bookshelves, on your kitchen island, or add sticks or greenery and put in your foyer.











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1. Experiment with textured finishes

In keeping with a minimal trend of the last few years that focuses on form, material, and texture while keeping to a color palette of largely creams, tans, and beiges, light fixtures are showing up on the scene with tactile finishes that evoke a sculptor’s studio. Use these pieces with items in a natural stone like marble for a classic look.

2. Put the focus on artisan glass

Make an original statement with your lighting by focusing on the glass used in the fixture. Manufacturers are going beyond the expected choices of white, clear, and seeded glass to make everything from chandeliers to vanity lights stand out. Artisan glass tends to be hand blown with unique features so no two pieces will be alike.

3. Modernize your space with Integrated LED

As technology advances and becomes more accessible, integrated LED (light emitting diode) options for lighting are becoming more common. These fixtures forego bulbs and come with the LEDs built into the item which allow for a sleeker look and less glare! It can be intimidating to choose a fixture that can’t be fixed by changing a bulb, but these come with manufacturers’ warranties and are designed to last.

4. Make an impact with bold color

If your style leans more maximalist than minimalist, incorporating color into your space can be a great way to inject energy into your interiors. Embracing saturated hues in your lighting can be just the thing to add a pop of color to an otherwise subdued room or to push the envelope in an over-the-top design that incorporates patterns and complementary colors.


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1. Add privacy to your spaces

Privacy is a coveted element in any home. Your home should feel like a sanctuary, a space for you to unwind and rest. Utilizing privacy sheers in your home allows you to do just this. Not to mention, they make a beautiful addition to your windows!

2. Soften harsh light

Setting the mood with lighting is one thing, but using roller shades to soften harsh lights in your home is a great way to create a cozy ambience. Roller shades come in simple yet impactful designs. Not only do they look beautiful in any space, but they’re also practical to boot! 

3. Make monochrome magic

One way to create a clean, seamless aesthetic in any room is to design with monochromatic bases with pops of color. Aim for light furniture to brighten any space while using florals and accent chairs to add pops of vibrancy. Not only do the pieces look beautiful together, but they also provide ample seating for guests.

4. Leave a lasting impression

Guests form a first impression immediately as they enter your home. Having a clean, open entryway allows guests to feel welcome and not overwhelmed by clutter and mess. Add an entry table, accent mirror, and a pair of lamps to elevate the space and create a lasting first impression.


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