From Bachelor Pad to Starter Home

What started as a three-guy bachelor pad is now the perfect starter home by virtue of a lighter color palette, a feminine touch, and a layout that was just right all along.

By Candice Graham
Photography by Med Dement

wampsWhen Weston Wamp bought his Lookout Valley home four years ago, he had the idea of eventually settling down and starting a family in the back of his mind. “I was trying to make it a cool place for guys to live, but also classy enough that a girl would be willing to call it her home one day,” he says. Two years later, he traded bachelorhood for married life, and with it came a home design overhaul.

“Practically everything that is not permanent is different from how it was before we got married,” Weston muses. “There is not a single piece of furniture – not even a single picture frame –from the first two years I lived here.” What he describes as once being “man cave inspired,” is now infused with rustic elements, a shabby chic vibe, and a clean feel. “I like more of a cottage look, white and clean,” Shelby says.

The home’s living room is calm and inviting with its khaki-colored walls, light earth tones, and wooden floor and ceiling. A wide plank Brazilian cherry floor is covered in an organic sea grass rug, and the room’s neutral-toned furniture is both comfortable and practical. “We picked the couches because they don’t show stains. It’s not fun to not have your dog on the couch!” Shelby says.

“The living area is a good example of how far the house has come. When the guys were living here we had a huge L-shaped couch that covered this whole area and black director’s chairs that I thought were awesome,” Weston says. Now, throw pillows accessorize the furniture and lamps create an ambient glow.

An extension of the living room, the kitchen opens itself to the other common areas in the house. “It feels like a lot of space because it’s all open and usable. We’ve entertained 30 to 40 people in here,” Weston explains. Custom black cabinetry is taken from modern to rustic by milled handles and distressed edges, while three woven chairs lining up to the counter tie in with the natural feel. Stainless steel appliances add the only modern touch, with even pendant lights having a slightly distressed finish.


Attached to the kitchen is a dining area characterized by a Southern, shabby chic vibe. White hydrangeas and mason jars add vintage charm to the space. A picnic-style dining table provides ample seating, plus optional leaflets allow each side to be expanded. “When we bought this we decided we were taking this thing with us even when we’ve got kids packed in all around us,” Weston says. In the left corner is Shelby’s favorite piece in the entire house: a distressed white shelving unit with a wooden plank top.


The newest decorated room of the house is the nursery of the couple’s son, River. Contrasting dark and light colors create a calm palette and visual interest. A stormy navy wall color offsets a whitewashed wooden changing table and wrought iron crib. “All of the pieces are very delicate and cute. We thought the navy would offset the light stuff and give it some masculinity,” Shelby says. Metallic gold quotes in cream-colored frames accessorize the room, and a white deer head with curling antlers adds a touch of whimsy.

Outside, the home has a modern cabin vibe. A wraparound porch creates extra space in the summer and fall to spend a leisurely afternoon or eat dinner. Knockout roses, a fire pit, and comfortable outdoor furniture make it a sweet spot on warmer days, plus a view of Elder and Lookout  Mountains adds  to the picturesque scene.

“Altogether this has been a really great home for us and it’s a great little community,” Weston says. “We walk around the neighborhood and end up stopping and chatting. There’s a neighborhood group that meets for dinner around town. We like the community feel, and people around here have really taken care of us.”

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