Graced by Greenery

Joe Jumper of The Clay Pot shows how any home can be effortlessly transformed into a vibrant, welcoming, and elegantly fresh space using simple touches of greenery. Here he displays arrangements that can be crafted from  clippings right out of your yard!

By Katie Faulkner  |  Photography by Emily Long



silver urn fill of mossy greenery as table centerpiece


Silver Simplicity

Silver urns, bowls, vases, and even trophies are unique container options for one of the easiest bits of green you can work with – moss. The silver container immediately elevates this effortless look to world-class status. Simply shape a bit of bubble wrap, then gently lift moss from your yard and lay it lightly atop. To keep it fresh, lift it off, saturate it, squeeze it out like a sponge, and put it back.



vasse of branches on countertop for leafy green decoration


Scale to Avail

If the surface your dashing with green is large, don’t be afraid to go big. Make a statement with freshly pruned tree branches in a simple glass container. Here a large container is perfect for branches of quince, trimmed right outside the front door. Try curly willow, blooming dogwood, or forsythia for other lovely options.



evergreen hedge trimmings in vases on coffee table in chattanooga


Elegant Evergreen

Trimming a bit of evergreen hedge is an uncomplicated way to instantly brighten any table. Boxwood and bay leaf are two tasteful types of hedges that produce pleasingly shaped and slightly aromatic leaves. Here they are arranged in ceramic containers for a more established look.



bowl of ivy and small laurel leaf arrangements for the mantle and coffee table in chattanooga


Creative Containers

It’s clear that size can make all the difference. The cohesive appearance of smaller concrete pots neatly lined down a mantle is undeniably sophisticated, while the large-footed bowl of English ivy on the coffee table makes an impactful impression. To achieve the potted mantle look, simply select smaller, identical containers, fill with floral foam, and poke laurel leaves into position. The ivy bowl is simply several small containers of ivy, centered in the bowl and then discretely covered in moss.



fern fronds in class vase on outdoor table surrounded by small candles in chattanooga


Frond-ly Fixtures

For a truly whimsical running centerpiece, try a multitude of clear glass bottles fanned down the center of the table, holding statement stems. Here the fern fronds create a magical ambiance with scattered votives reflecting throughout the arrangement. You could choose any stand-alone-worthy stem for this look – dahlias, sunflowers, or even hearty red roses would create very different effects.



water jug with hydrangea stems on table by front door to brighten entryway in chattanooga


Fresh Front Door

If you have a display opportunity at your front door, why not greet guests with a vibrant and uplifting touch of green first thing? Consider something as simple as a large water jug and a few trimmed hydrangea stems, and you have a lively first impression.

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