A Hawk’s Eye View

By Katie Faulkner
Photography by Morgan Nowland

For Thom and Anita Peterson, their new home has been a long-time-coming passion project. Thom bought the tract of land in 1995, even before marrying Anita in 2006 after meeting her through their shared field of anesthesiology.
After years of mulling over the perfect building site, and several more years of researching and carefully planning their ideal layout and materials, the Petersons chose McCoy Homes to build their dream home. They planned this home as a space to enjoy together for the rest of their lives, but also to accommodate their four children, growing family, and numerous well-loved pets.

After selling off a few lots from the tract Thom had purchased years before, they selected a building site within the property for their own home. It was chosen for its high position, offering great views and wooded privacy. Anita explains, “This lot never sold for some reason, and it was always one of my favorites. It’s like we are in our own little treetop loft up here.”

When it came time to build their dream home they knew exactly what they wanted. “We wanted a fresh take on our style, with a little nod to industrial style, and something that would feel relaxed overall but easy to dress up for special occasions,” Anita says of the many updated choices they made. Thom adds, “We chose several things to keep the home convenient and enjoyable for the long term.”

Some of these modern conveniences include an open, flowing floor plan with all main living spaces on one level, an updated color scheme accented with a collection of meaningful art pieces, a smart home system and solar energy panels, and tons of windows incorporating views of their beautiful natural surroundings.

Approaching the house, a bronze hawk statue stands in the front garden to greet visitors. The sculpture represents the property’s name, Hawk’s Eye, which Thom picked after an eye-to-eye encounter with a soaring hawk at the home site.

Entering through the front door, a show-stopping, modern teardrop chandelier is the first thing to draw the eye upward. It’s easy to appreciate the high ceilings and soothing neutral colors as the open living spaces with their ample windows come into focus.

To the right of the front door is the vaulted dining room. A prism-cut bar light lends sparkle, even without being lit, from shimmering sunlight streaming through the dining room’s windows. A weathered wood sideboard and table, as well as custom white wainscoting, brighten up the woodsy green space. Natural linen seat covers and a linen runner lined with sprigs of greenery, foraged from the Petersons’ wooded surroundings, extend the elevated, nature-infused décor.

“We wanted a fresh take on our style, with a little nod to industrial style, and something that would feel relaxed overall but easy to dress up for special occasions.”

– Anita Peterson, owner


Walking in to the living room, the vaulted ceiling is continued through the main living areas, with beams and built-ins accentuating the central, stacked stone fireplace. A photograph above the mantel was taken by Thom off the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. Thom is an avid photographer, and his work can be found throughout the house. “We just love this room because of the big windows; we can see out back into the woods and get plenty of sunlight,” Anita says.

The kitchen and adjacent breakfast nook are a spacious, yet cozy place to spend time. “We love to come in here in the morning while we have coffee because we see all kinds of animals hanging out in our backyard. Just the other day I saw turkey and deer, together, right outside the window,” Thom shares.

The kitchen’s sleek functionality is highlighted through the white and gray color scheme and stainless, state-of-the-art appliances. A cut-glass gray tile backsplash echoes metallic tones in two large industrial pendant lights.

With ample seating space at the breakfast nook and kitchen island, combined with a lovely dining room, the Petersons have all the space they want for their annual Christmas party – an event that fills the home with family and friends. “We always have live entertainment and love to book the Mountain Cove Bluegrass Band. We love bluegrass music!” Thom says.

On the opposite end of the house is the Petersons’ peaceful master bedroom. Walking down the hallway to their room, Anita and Thom point out works of art that were thoughtful gifts to each other. Anita, who is originally from Germany, gifted Thom with a painting of a German and American armistice during World War II. The painting portrays both sides tending to their wounded soldiers, no matter their allegiance. It is set in Hürtgen Forest near where Anita grew up.

The bedroom showcases an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock, which was a stunning gift from Thom. The colors in the bedroom are soothing shades from nature, including various tones of blue and green. A darker gray accent wall lends a cozy feeling, while a sparkling crystal chandelier and a teal velvet settee add an elegant charm to the luxurious space.

In the adjoining master bathroom, dual vanities partner with a spacious walk-in shower to create a convenient and spa-like retreat. Grays, blues, and greens are repeated in this room as well, tying in the Petersons’ love of nature’s hues.

Thom and Anita both have spaces that are important to them individually. For Thom, the upstairs bonus room serves as a space for enjoying his many hobbies, including music, movies, and photography. Complete with raised tables for photo editing work, a keyboard table, and an entertainment center with an impressive sound system, the area provides plenty of room for Thom to play his electric bass or percussion instruments, all while enjoying a second-story view. A whiskey barrel and natural wood coffee table made by one of his friends is adorned with an antler candelabra. Metal bracketed tables, a sleek wooden ceiling fan, and cool gray tones throughout further build on the industrial style that Thom enjoys.

For Anita, her passion pursuits are in the backyard. “I love to be outside. We really both love outdoor living, and we’re out back as much as possible. I just have to be out in the fresh air digging in the garden. It’s my happy place,” she smiles. Pergolas, with newly potted vining plants, cover a swing and the back patio area. An outdoor kitchen is accompanied by cheerful blue patio furniture, a television, and an outdoor fireplace. The entire backyard is framed by a whimsically winding walkway, helping to define each space’s unique identity. Off to one side is Anita’s thriving herb garden, overflowing with basil, parsley, mint, and a host of additional herbs.

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