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By Christina Davenport / Photography by Trevor Long

grand stairway

When Calvin Smith stumbled upon this stately Georgian home he wasn’t necessarily looking to move.

“I was out driving around with my son one evening and just felt called to drive down the road and see where it led,” says Calvin. “There was a sign out front, and I immediately knew this was the place for us.”

Even though Calvin and his wife Erica weren’t actively house hunting when they came across the property, they were quickly outgrowing their current space, so the idea of having over three times the square footage was alluring. Still, it would take some convincing to get Erica on board.

“The home had sat vacant for over two years, so as you can imagine, there was a ton of work to be done,” she says. Once their offer was accepted, the Smiths took it as a sign that this was where they were meant to be and wholeheartedly threw themselves into an extensive renovation to get the home back in working order.

From the property’s front yard, you would never be able to tell that the home had once fallen into mild disrepair. Traditional brickwork is preceded by four towering columns that support a gable outfitted with a traditional emblem and dentil molding. A set of double doors is surrounded by ornate woodwork, and a broken pediment detail helps set the stage for the grand nature of the home.

elegant and sophisticated living room with carpet with textured design, golden lights, and fireplace

Stepping into the home, guests find themselves in the middle of an impressive foyer. A Y-shaped staircase leads to the top floor of the home and sports red oak treads. Immediately to the right is a formal living room that has been infused with the Smiths’ personality. Several studded, chesterfield-style couches and loveseats offer guests a place to sit back and relax. An abstract painting above the fireplace and a trio of hydrangea clippings mirror the color of the navy blue velvet seating. Scattered throughout the room are metallic accents that work to warm up the space and provide a faint glimmer when caught in the light of two modern sconces.

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cozy dining room with elegant wallpaper, formal dining table and chairs, and pendant light

On the other side of the foyer is the family’s formal dining room. Here, paneled millwork travels up the bottom of the walls before turning into sumptuous wallpaper. A large wooden dining table can seat eight, and the detailing on the chair backs and table foundation work with a ceiling medallion and crown molding to imbue the traditional atmosphere found on the outside of the home.

“One of the main challenges with renovating this home was being able to keep some of the historic features but also bring our youthful and playful personalities into it,” says Erica. “There are a lot of things such as the floors in the foyer and this wallpaper that were original to the home. I just didn’t feel right removing it and stripping it of its original character.”

While this room contains more traditional elements than many of the other spaces in the home, it also encompasses several pieces – such as the pendant light, tabletop lamps, and tall sculptural vase – that reflect the more modern and stylish side of the Smiths’ lives.

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spacious master bedroom with large bed fireplace, columns and sofa

master bedroom with large bed

sophisticated luxurious white tub with pillars and faux-marble tiles and golden swan facet

Also on the main floor is the master suite. Complete with its own living area, this room is a spacious respite for the Smiths. Several sconces, pieces of artwork, and a pair of armchairs provide continuity with the formal living space. Tufted furniture appears alongside other textiles for an expert layering of textures.

In the ensuite, gold hardware and fixtures once again add warmth to the room, which is a blank canvas with its white cabinetry and countertops. Offset by columns is a luxurious soaking tub that appears among a swath of faux-marble tile. A golden swan faucet is a playful touch and is yet another example of an element preserved from the original home.

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creamy white cabinetry and granite countertops

creamy white cabinetry and granite countertops

On the opposite side of the home is a more communal space for the Smith family. In the kitchen, creamy white overlay cabinetry offers plenty of storage. Granite countertops run along the perimeter and are also found on the small center island. A black plumbing fixture, along with the hardware and 5-burner cooktop, pop against the lighter tones in the room. Small format brick tile comprises the backsplash, and the room is rounded out with a set of wall ovens and a sleek contemporary refrigerator.

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cozy sunroom with brick fireplace

harp hung on wall with stool below it

The adjacent sunroom is another family favorite. “We’re just more casual people, so we spend a lot of time just chilling in this room,” adds Erica. With a stone fireplace, large flat-screen TV, comfortable sectional, and plenty of books and games, this room has all the creature comforts one could want.

“This room is just cozy and relaxing for us,” adds Erica. “And that’s the point of this home. Our doors are always open to friends and family. We just want to be able to spend time with loved ones and be ourselves.”

Smith Family

Carter, Erica, Calvin, and Caleb Smith

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