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The New MY 2014 Cayman Models: The Highest Performing  Sleek Sport Coupe’


The Independent look of the new design further sets the Cayman apart. The typical mid-engine driving dynamics are maintained to yield exceptional performance. At the same time, day to day usability is enhanced. With a new body construction, which makes the vehicle lighter as well as more rigid in comparison to its predecessor, driving dynamics are unsurpassed while fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are lowered.  What started in 2005 with the Cayman S is now a benchmark in the class of performance-oriented coupés.

The Body

The body construction of the new Cayman represents a completely new development. It is based on an intelligent lightweight design principle using a combination of aluminum and steel. This results in a significant weight reduction with the same high level of safety.



The New Cayman is Striking

Edges and curves complement the redrawn roof line; the sporty look is accentuated by large wheels with narrow wheel openings and short overhangs. This gives the look and feel of a racing car with taut proportions due to imposing air intakes, a low profile, and an elongated side window line.



The Side

The curved, distinctive shoulder line runs from the muscular, arched fender over the door to the sculptured rear end. The dynamically shaped air intake that starts in the door emphasizes the racecar-like appearance of the new Cayman. The distinctive shapes of the fenders, doors, intake-air ducts and roof as well as the side window lines accentuate the wheel openings giving the side view of the Cayman a powerfully extended appearance.



The Rear

Strong curves alternate with accentuated lines and edges, supplemented by a completely new roof line with a flush window in the large rear hatch. The new rear spoiler extends between the tail lights, blending into an integrated design. The aerodynamic function is implemented by an extending, unobstructed rear wing which with the separation edge of the tail lights makes a notable contribution to the overall improved downforce. Redesigned tailpipes complete the low, centered look which is further emphasized by the diffuser spanning the width of the vehicle.



Redesigned Cabin

A CDR audio system with 7-inch touch screen display is standard, as are 3 classic round instruments with the rev counter centrally positioned and a high resolution 4.6-inch VGA multifunction display on the right side. The Cayman is characterized by the black instrument dial of the rev counter. Standard interiors come in four attractive colors to choose from.



Wheels and Tires

The new Cayman models have newly developed standard 18- and 19-inch wheels, with 20-inch wheels optionally available.



Performance and Efficiency

As expected, the new Cayman models have excellent agility. The same goes for acceleration (as little as 4.4 s from 0-60) and top speed (up to 175 mph). All models are equipped with direct fuel injection (DFI).

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