Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends


There may not be a Paris Fashion Week for interior design, but that doesn’t mean home styling trends don’t come and go. Just as certain clothing pieces have major moments on the catwalk, there are plenty of en vogue interior trends, too. We asked a few area designers to give their opinion on what trends are on top for 2015. Here’s what they had to say.



Window treatments are evolving into simpler, cleaner, no-fuss looks. Plantation shutters are still popular and always elegant. They stand on their own if you prefer to leave off soft treatments. Roller shades are also an option—but they’re not your grandmother’s shades! There are now lots of neat materials to choose from and also different ways to operate them. There are lots of new options for windows, but the key is to keep it simple!

Dolores Wolfe, IDS, Wolfe Studio Interiors



Defining a bygone era and re-establishing itself as a top current trend is the use of luxuriant marble. Get past the fear of etching and staining and immerse yourself in the classic world of Calacatta, Carrara, or Alabama marble for a stunning kitchen or bath. To allay concerns about damage, research the new protective sealants available, and safely indulge in the look of luxury!

Tony Thompson, District Chair, ASID Tennessee,Tony Thompson Design



There are currently many top trends, but the one that tops my list is oversized light fixtures, inspired by the ‘60s, but with a modern flare. Many of these new fixtures are quite dazzling, with finishes ranging from chrome to gilded, and some dripping in Swarovski crystals or even wooden beads. Chandeliers, spheres, and lantern fixtures are just a few of the most popular picks!

Dawn Totty, CSP, Dawn D. Totty Designs


The Blues

2015 has a case of the navy blues! Navy and rich, deep blues infuse a fresh yet classic look to any space, while also working well with so many other trending designs. The current interior design milieu includes colors that create an oasis, take you on a voyage, bloom in bright greens, and celebrate bohemian-inspired designs.

Kimberly Varner, ASID, NCIDQ Certified, Kimberly Varner Interior Design


Contemporary Traditional

More and more, I’m seeing traditional pieces reinvented through the use of contemporary fabrics and a color palette of navy, orange, and electric greens. Rustic and industrial-style tables are being paired with chrome dining chairs, which creates an eclectic mix. In kitchens and baths, a trend of using polished nickel faucets with gold light fixtures is something that has recently emerged. But things of quality and value that a client loves will never go out of style!

Laura Hertle, Laura Hertle Designs


Design Details

Unexpected details are my trend for 2015. The saying goes, ‘details are not just details—they make the design.’ Use familiar materials in a new way—wallpaper a ceiling instead of the walls, accessorize with pillows made from antique rugs, or upholster the backs of your chairs with an unexpected texture or pattern.

Laurel Powell, Laurel Powell Designs



My favorite design trend is the mixing of modern and vintage. A beautifully curated home is always a mix of old and new, and this to me is always on trend, but also timeless.

Michelle Workman, Michelle Workman Interiors



The design trend of 2015 is combining today’s style and fashion with a bit of yesterday. We can see a 1960s influence in furniture, fabric, and accessories, and it’s a throwback to when there were fewer elements used to create a space. One example is updated chintz, which are fabrics with the appearance of grandmother’s polished cotton but are linens with a look of watercolor-painted florals.

Jimmy Adams, Nell’s Home, Gifts, & Interior Design



Mixing warm metals, like copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly ‘in’ right now. While gold and brass are definitely back, I also find that people are craving a little warmth from their metal. Expect to see a lot of burnished gold, bronze, and copper accessories as this year’s trends unfold.

Leslie Morales, Lead Designer, Smart Furniture



A wide variety of metal hues in fabric, wall coverings, and actual hard surface fi nishes has certainly entered the design scene with force. No longer are home designs limited by a single fi nish such as brass or nickel—they’re now free to explore the brightness and sophistication that multiple metals bring.

Vicki Runge, Fowler Brothers Co. Interior Design, The Furniture Shoppe



I see a movement to withdraw from the starkness of the mid-century and modern trends which have dominated the design scene through recent years. A tedious sameness of design developed over the span of the recession and personal style became camouflaged by the unspoken ‘why be different and call attention?’ Minimal and simple remain the current vogue, but add panache: lustrous fabrics and textures, a contemporary interpretation of gilded and metal finishes, and the refined variations and combinations of unpredictable colors. It’s a subtle beginning of autonomy and a return to luxury and elegance.

Jim Laney, ASID, NCIDQ Certified, The Design Company, Inc.



Looking ahead, new interiors are streamlined with smooth lines in upholstered pieces mixed with rustic or antique accents. Contemporary lighting is working art, and art pieces are large and bold. Shades of gray, plum, and taupe can work with any accent color. Don’t forget, this is your home, not a magazine layout.

Peggy Curtis Laney, ASID, The Design Company, Inc.



Because of worldwide connectivity made possible by the internet and the prevalence of travel, there is simply no such thing as a single trend in design any longer. But the prevailing influences of Asian forms and nature are felt in all modes of stylistic trends today, with a strong shift toward sustainable design, recycling, and ethical consumerism—a social aspect to purchasing that goes beyond one look to incorporating the locally produced and handmade in almost every look, with a nod to clean lines and monochromatic calm.

Happy Baker, Happy Baker LLC


Deep Blue Shades

Deep, saturated blues are a trend right now. Long considered a traditional and calming color, today’s blues are deep and vibrant and full of life. Blue mixes well with many other neutrals such as pale grays and creams, but can stand alone as an exciting color when used as a wall color or just as an accent on a major piece. Look for furniture, fabrics, tile, wall coverings, and accessories that feature deep shades of blue from royal indigo to cobalt to deep turquoise and azure.

Haskell R. Matheny, ASID, CAPS, Haskell Interiors


Revise and Refresh

Refresh is the word in 2015 for interior design. Interiors should be evaluated every year in order to keep them fresh and current. After evaluating, it is then time to freshen rooms and areas. This should include decluttering and organization. It may be necessary to add new window treatments, a new rug, or new upholstery. A few new items to blend with existing furnishings will make a world of difference.

Marsha Yessick, ASID, NCIDQ Certified, Yessick’s Design Center


Innovative Appliances

Futuristic cooking is one trend I’m seeing in the kitchen. The next generation of cooking appliances looks and feels a little like using an iPad. Introduced by GE through its Monogram line, what used to be ordinary knobs are now touch sensitive, swipeable controls and eye-catching LED indicator lights. They’re simple to use, easy to clean, and safe—it’s the future of cooking appliances.

Dana M. Moody Hellwig, Ph.D., ASID, NCIDQ Certified, Dept. Head and Associate Professor, UTC Interior Design

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