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Your outdoor space can be an outside oasis – not only an extension of your home, but also a special place for family dinners, gatherings with friends, or just some alone time in nature. But how can you make that space feel personal, comfortable, and inviting? Local experts weigh in.

Ron Coker headshotRon Coker Jr., Master Pools by Artistic Pools, Inc.

Not every house has a lot of space or screening from neighbors. We have found that adding a strategically placed outdoor fireplace around the pool area not only adds warmth and ambiance on a cool evening, but it can also help shield private moments from prying eyes. By incorporating layers of screening plants such as Leyland cypress or cryptomeria with the fireplace, you can create relative isolation. To take this concept one step further, you can, where possible, construct a pavilion for privacy. With or without the fireplace, an open-air pavilion gives a feeling of safety and security that only a roofed-in structure can provide. By enclosing one or more walls or using tied-back fabric or curtains that can be unfurled at a moment’s notice, a homeowner can create needed privacy whenever they choose.

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Mike Finley headshotMike Finley, Aquarium Pools of Chattanooga

There are many options when it comes to your pool that can enhance your outdoor area and make it cozy and welcoming. In-pool lounging is a great way to create an inviting, intimate atmosphere for gathering. Adding in-water features such as bubblers and waterfalls provides ambience while blocking out unwanted background noise. Other water features like deck jets add flair to your outdoor area and present a fun and entertaining spectacle for both guests and homeowners to enjoy. Finally, in-pool lighting is a great way to set the mood and a simple method to really make your swimming pool sparkle. With different color options, these lights provide a romantic atmosphere and give an unforgettable effect.

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Jennifer Poole headshot

Jennifer Poole, General Shale

When extending your living space outdoors, a fireplace is an idyllic feature to create a warm and inviting setting that is perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine, reading a book, or enjoying at family gatherings. When you create your at-home retreat, your design style can range from charming Tudor to old-world to modern farmhouse. Using natural materials such as brick, stone, or limestone and pairing them with natural elements like a vertical flower or garden wall will create that perfect and intimate environment. Combining additional hardscape elements, including pavers with bits of grass or stone peeking through and a low-height wall, can designate your area, create privacy, and provide seating and storage.

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Sharon Gordon headshotSharon Gordon, Concrete Repair Specialist, LLC

Adding color to your hardscape will enhance the overall feel of your outdoor space and help give it ambience. You can add a colored coating to your concrete surface to give it a finished look while also protecting it from freeze-thaw damage. Damaged concrete is an eyesore, and repairing the damage and applying a coating will make your outdoor space have a warm and inviting feeling. For new concrete, we can use a stamp pattern, inlays, or dye packs to add color or texture – the possibilities are endless; you just have to plan.

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Cole Webster headshotCole Webster, The Barn Nursery

Privacy trees are one of the best things you can do to make your outdoor space special and intimate. We specialize in helping people pick the proper plants for their yard to give them privacy, and we add layers of landscaping to make the space softer and more inviting. Privacy for enjoyment ranks at the top of the list, while adding fountains, additional plantings, outdoor rooms, and planters makes your outdoor areas complete. Landscaping your yard not only adds value to your property, but it also adds quality of life and enjoyment for you and whomever you share that space with. If you bring us any inspirational photos, pictures of your space, and measurements, we can help you create your own oasis. 

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