How to Wow: Unique Ways to Personalize Your Space

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When it comes to customizing and creating visual interest in your home,
options abound. Here, local experts give sage advice on some unique ways to
add that sought-after wow factor to your space. 

Rob Cuthbertson Headshot

Rob Cuthbertson, Cuthbertson Homes

One of the best ways to create an eye-catching space is to be intentional about the materials you use and the way that you use them. For example, you might consider using complementary elements in a room, such as exposed beams for the ceiling with live-oak wood flooring throughout the rest of the space. Utilizing reclaimed wood around the home is also an excellent way to draw the eye. Creating visual interest with expertly paired contrasting materials, such as a natural stacked-stone fireplace beneath a rustic wooden plank ceiling, is a great way to add a wow factor to your living space. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting your materials is to be sure that you choose elements that you personally love – it’s important to enjoy the spaces where you will be spending your time.



Stacy and Wendy Beaty headshot

Wendy Beaty, Beaty Fabricating, Inc.

This may come as a surprise, but we used the powder room and the curved hallway leading to it as an extension to the wow factor from the entrance of the home. As you enter the powder room, you automatically see a large oval window with a view of our front lawn and a pond. The powder room was thoughtfully planned so guests could have a great view rather than the expected mirror over the vanity. On a side wall, we then placed a large floor mirror, which reflects three custom hand-painted walls with a collage of many photos taken during our travels in Europe. Many hours have been spent in the powder room with guests, discussing the photos and memories of each. This space adds so much interest to the home. Guests enjoy gathering there for conversation and to look and see if there was anything they missed on a previous visit. The powder room is often an overlooked space to really wow and impress guests. All guests will see it. Make it just as impressive as your kitchen. 

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living room with exposed beams on ceiling


Duane Horton headshotDuane Horton, GenTech Construction, LLC

An excellent way to add a wow factor to your home is to blend rustic with modern when it comes to architectural style. Utilizing clean lines and neutral hues in the home perfectly complements the incorporation of more natural materials, the latter of which provide a great opportunity to showcase wood and stone that reflect the area around you. Some eye-catching ways to bring these more rustic natural materials into the home might include the use of flagstone pavers, cedar columns and exposed beams, and stacked-stone fireplaces. Such elements not only bring in rustic charisma to an otherwise modern home, but also provide intriguing contrasts of texture and color.



Glen L. Craig HeadshotGlen L. Craig, PLA, Craig Design Group, Inc.

As landscape architects, we are constantly seeking ways to add the “Wow Factor.” This can be achieved no matter how small or large your home/project and your personal budget is if you follow a few key techniques. First is the location. Start in an area where the landscape is well-received. This should be in a place where everyone approaching your home will immediately see it, or an area you spend most of your time in. Second, concentrate on smaller areas. Don’t spread out too thin. Most people try to landscape all areas equally, but that’s not how we see or experience spaces. Third, don’t overthink it. Don’t overplant or use too many varieties of plants or focal features. Fourth, express yourself! Create a focal feature that is fun or different. This can be a sculpture, rock outcrop, a stunning plant, or a combination of these. Fifth, throw in the unexpected!  This can be something special to you, such as a rock from a trip or something your child made for you. And last, add special effects. Light the focal feature for nighttime beauty, or pipe in calming music for a zen feeling. These touches add so much personality to a garden.

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