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Local Clothiers Spotlight This Beloved Menswear Staple


Whether in the boardroom, out to dinner, or attending an evening soiree, a gentleman can hardly go wrong with the classic combination of jacket and tie. We asked local retailers and tailors for their take on this beloved menswear staple.



By Mary Beth Wallace

Photography by Lanewood Studio on Location at The Dwell Hotel

Jim Vaughn at the Dwell hotel outfitted by Yacoubian Tailors


Jim Vaughn

outfitted by Yacoubian Tailors


Jim’s light gray suit is always in fashion. Styling it with a crisp checkered dress shirt and patterned tie keeps things fresh and modern.

Yacoubian Tailors: Light gray Super 150s wool suit. David Donahue dress shirt. Eton silk tie and Peter Millar pocket square.

Dallas Joseph sits at the Dwell Hotel outfitted by Bruce Baird & Co.


Dallas Joseph

outfitted by Bruce Baird & Co.


The bold, bright hues of Dallas’ jacket and tie are anchored by a white cotton shirt and pearl gray trousers. It’s a polished look that communicates sophistication and finesse.

Bruce Baird & Co.: Southwick wool sport coat. Robert Jensen 100% silk tie. Gitman Bros. dress shirt. Hickey Freeman wool trousers.

Matt Hullander stands at the bar at the dwell hotel wearing J. Gibson Clothiers


Matt Hullander

wearing J. Gibson Clothiers


A navy sport coat is the perfect base for an infinite number of looks. Here, Matt is sporting an orange paisley tie to add a touch of flair.   

J. Gibson Clothiers: Super 120s merino wool sport coat. 100% silk tie.

Zach England drinking a martini at the dwell hotel wearing tom james


Zack England

wearing Tom James


Paired with navy slacks, Zack’s red patterned sport coat makes a statement with minimal effort. A coordinating tie pulls everything together and dresses up the look a notch.

Tom James: Super 120s year-round wool sport coat.

David Banks outside the dwell hotel outfitted by Hanover Blue


David Banks

outfitted by Hanover Blue


David looks dapper in a timeless, yet functional jacket. His signature bow tie – crafted from black turkey feathers – stands out without overshadowing the rest of the ensemble.

Hanover Blue: Tom Beckbe Tensaw jacket. Brackish Slate bow tie. Filson Tin Packer hat in otter green. Trask “Brady” shoe.

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