Living Area: River Lodge Modern

Living Areas

Photos Courtesy of Miles & Kirk Design LLC / Photography by Brightside Creates

Inspired by the surrounding riverfront landscape of the home, this living room marries rustic charm and lively accents to create an ideal spot for unwinding or entertaining. Neutral tones in the upholstery and on the walls provide an airy base for modern artwork, with fun prints and bright pops of color coming through in the accents. A large wool rug in a light plaid further enlivens the space and serves as a bridge between the rustic elements of the home and the room’s transitional furnishings. With multiple seating areas making excellent use of the room’s generous dimensions, this dynamic space is perfect for entertaining or cozying up in front of the fireplace. Throughout the space, lighting provides further balance between the rustic and contemporary elements, with warmth from a pair of alabaster table lamps and the minimalist glow of the floor lamps.


Interior design: Miles and Kirk Design LLC
Artwork: Gallery 1401
Painting: Croxall Painting Company

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