Living Areas: Modern Creation

Originally constructed in the early 1900s, this Southside structure housed the Marble Works Building for years. When it was purchased in 2006 for residential purposes, it had been vacant for many years and fallen into disrepair. The structure was built of two-foot-thick unreinforced concrete bearing walls, the windows had been blown out, and the interior was damaged from exposure.

Architect Heidi Hefferlin accepted the project and the challenge of creating a livable space from the bones of the old structure. The back half of the building was cut out to create a more intimate indoor space, simultaneously opening up space for a private garden in the rear. The concrete walls were reinforced by adding structural steel stud walls on the interior, which allowed for a plumbing and electrical chase, as well as insulation. The building is split vertically with public space on the ground floor and private space on the second floor. Downstairs, the living room, dining room and kitchen all share one continuous space, connected to the garden by a wall of windows that saturate the space in light.

Architect: Heidi Hefferlin, Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects

Builder: Chazler, Inc.

Cabinetry:Classic Cabinetry


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