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Some of the most popular rooms up for renovation in 2018 are laundry rooms and mudrooms. One popular trend is white quartz countertops. Quartz is one of the most durable stones on the market as it is nonporous, which means it’s stain resistant. White quartz is clean, crisp, and reflects light, which helps the room appear larger. Also, leathered granite is a 2018 trend for laundry rooms. Granite with a leather finish enhances the color and texture in natural stone. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. Lastly, adding countertops above the washing machine and dryer, not just on the opposite side of the room, allows for more space for folding clothes.

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Combining the mudroom and laundry areas has been a pretty popular theme among floor plans lately. And no mudroom is complete without a bench with storage for jackets, muddy boots, backpacks, and even a charging station. Another feature is a hanging space for air drying laundry items. Many folks are including a bin for pet food, pet bedding, and leashes – a few even have the space for a dog-washing station.

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Laundry rooms and mudroom cabinets are included in 95% of all new home builds. The size of the room is very similar to an extra bedroom: 10′ x 10′ or larger. They are great organizational spots for families with children to place items they need for school such as homework and athletic clothing for the next day. For adults, I often include charging stations where they can drop mail, gadgets, and coats off. We also install nice wood countertops to fold laundry, hanging racks to dry clothes, and floating shelves for added storage baskets. Sewing machine storage, craft tables, and fold out ironing boards can all be specially designed in cabinets, depending on the homeowner’s likes and dislikes.

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I have to admit, my family thinks I do laundry as a sport. I’m always in the laundry room! So, this year I gave it a face-lift. I had a carpenter build in the washer and dryer. We put a slab of quartz on a pedestal to raise up the front load machines and then put a slab of the same quartz on top. I had new cabinets built above the machines and painted the same color. Now I have a clean playing field for folding and sorting, and no cracks and crevasses for socks to fall in or dust to collect. The next step will be to install a pretty hand-painted tile backsplash. (If only I could decide which one!)

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Elaine Sanders, The Tile Store

The laundry room, pantry, and mudroom can be fabulous and cheery for all of us ladies and men that spend a lot of time doing laundry. The countertops in these rooms are getting the same treatment as kitchens. There are lots of beautiful quartz materials to choose from, and of course a fun and bright backsplash is nice. This is a spot where we are seeing lots of color – from red glass polka dot tile to beautiful shades of aqua to decorative cement tiles that liven up the room. Have fun with color in this room!

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Today, we socialize in a more casual way, which has made our home’s back door the entrance for most of our guests. So laundry rooms and mudrooms have become more visual and are now designed to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as organized and practical. It is not a surprise to see washers and dryers behind cabinetry doors today, so the laundry room area may also serve as a secondary working pantry space with extended counter space. Creative lockers are designed for each family member with charging stations included and places for backpacks and athletic gear. And pets are not forgotten – customized dog crates, kitty litter boxes, and food storage bins are part of our cabinetry designs now. Yes, the back door has become the new “foyer” for most, so make it welcoming and organized, but beautiful!

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Carol MacKinnon, Certified Kitchen Designer, Ana Woodworks

Years ago, laundry rooms were often the last space considered in a home, but they have grown to be an important room now. There are often many tasks other than washing and drying clothes that take place in the laundry room. The tasks can range from dog grooming to sewing or even office work, so the function and space needed has to be well thought out when considering the added tasks. For example, if you want to pay bills or store mail, create a small nook with a desk. You’ll need a countertop for folding clothes, a space to hang clothes to dry, and a tucked away spot for baskets and hampers. Having a home for every item gives more floor space and a less-cluttered look. It becomes a welcoming space with both function and beauty. 

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Christy Forester, Classic Cabinetry

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are hardworking, multifunctioning spaces, but that doesn’t mean they must be devoid of style. Today’s homeowners want to integrate plenty of well-planned storage while creating new spaces that are also pleasant to spend time in with fun features for the family. For example, pet showers, pet beds, and feeding areas are integrated into laundry rooms that are spacious enough to accommodate them. Pet showers are often designed with striking tile work that coordinates with other design elements in the space, and feeding dishes are sometimes concealed in the toe space of base cabinetry, accessible by pressing the toe kick board with your foot. Additionally, mudroom cabinetry continues to increase in popularity, incorporating much needed space to organize toys, hats, bags, and shoes, and is often accented by decorative hooks, baskets, wired or textured glass, and chalkboards or magnetic boards. With attention to detail and careful planning, each hardworking space can be just as beautiful as the other areas in the house!


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Eric Johnson, Pig House Cabinets

The laundry room has taken on a whole new role in today’s homes. In years past, the laundry room, if it had its own room and wasn’t stuck in a basement or garage, was usually just a small closet tucked anywhere it would fit. Today, in some homes the laundry room has become a beautifully designed workspace. From pet washing stations to drop zones for each member of the family, the bar has truly been raised. Cabinetry for laundry rooms has become elegant and sleek, appliances have become as beautiful as jewelry, and the people who use the space can finally feel good while completing the family chores that take place
in them.

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Kelley Carrin, Chattanooga Granite & Marble

Laundry areas and mudrooms with style and function are an easy trend to love. It’s so nice to have a place for everything – pull-out shelves for cleaning supplies, cabinets with hidden storage, and removable bins for laundry sorting. It makes everything stay tidy and organized, helps you sort laundry, and makes chores easier to do. Hidden ironing boards have made a comeback from Grandma’s house and save you from lugging out the big board. Pet owners are even putting in dog-washing stations to make it easier to keep Spot looking great. An area for drip dry hanging is a must, and, of course, a large, deep sink. These rooms are also a place where you can have fun with colorful tile or bolder themes that might overwhelm you in other rooms. You can blend organization and quirky fun, so the whole family won’t mind doing chores as much (well, we can dream can’t we?).

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Kim Campbell, Chattanooga Closet Company

There are fabulous, functional accessories to consider for your utility rooms to make them beautiful and family friendly. Using adjustable shelves and rods allow you to adjust as your needs change. Pull-out rods and drying racks, along with ironing boards that can fit in the wall or a drawer, are always convenient to have. It’s also important to have space to drop your coats and bags. An easy arrangement of hooks and a shelf above a bench make for easy access coming and going.

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Shaun Hayworth Appliances Consultant Ferguson Chattanooga

Shaun Hayworth, Appliances Consultant, Ferguson

Today’s laundry rooms require just as much thought and design as any other room in the home. They need to be functional as well as attractive – and appliance manufacturers have heard that call. Popular in the appliance industry is front load laundry machines that can be installed under counters to allow more storage or folding space above your machines. Or, you can elect for pedestals that allow for extra storage below the machines or opt for a washing machine drawer, which is ideal for delicate items. Other thoughtful options include machines that have Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. You can see at a glance on your smart device where your laundry is in the washing and drying cycle. Other functional options are ironing boards that hide away and utility sinks that enable hand washing items. With the latest innovations, you can have functionality without compromising your style.

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