Luxury Modern Kitchen Design

Modern and Luxurious

Photos Courtesy of Cross Cabinets / By Matt Dunmore


1. Ten-foot floor-to-ceiling cabinetry makes excellent use of space in this contemporary kitchen. Crafted from hickory wood and stained a custom driftwood tone to enhance the natural grain, these cabinets provide tons of storage space. With pull-out spice racks and utensil drawers on either side of the cooktop, a built-in mixer lift, and corner drawers, these cabinets go above and beyond in both aesthetics and function.

2. Countertops of Calcutta gold quartz are an inch and a quarter thick, providing a modern, clean aesthetic with a hint of allure in the subtle golden veins. These quartz counters are extremely durable and low maintenance, with the ability to withstand high temperatures and no sealing required.

3. Bright white bevelled subway tile creates a crisp, textured backsplash. Breaking up the natural wood tones of the cabinetry, the tile lends a hint of glamour. Meanwhile, a Kasbah stone mosaic design above the range adds just enough visual interest to help define this room’s style.

4. Stainless Bosch and Wolf appliances partner with polished chrome hardware and silver pendant lanterns to accentuate the contemporary styling of this u-shaped kitchen. The 36-inch cooktop, steam convection oven, traditional oven, and dual sinks (including a prep sink by the cooktop) make this kitchen a home cook’s dream. Also, a specialty built-in coffee machine adds to the luxurious and state-of-the-art feel of this kitchen.

5. The island, painted in Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams, adds a welcoming, furniture-like feel to the kitchen, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the open floor plan of the home. Creating additional workspace, seating, and storage, the island is a multifunctional hot spot.


Cabinetry: Cross Cabinets  |  Cabinetry design: Nancy Hetem, Cross Cabinets  |  Appliances & lighting: Ferguson  |  Countertops: Granite & Marble Creations  |  Tile: Louisville Tile

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