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By Christina Davenport
Photography by Ryan Dugger/Creative Revolver

What initially started out as a spec home took an entertaining turn when Josh and Jordan Cain of Cain Development, LLC, learned that they would be welcoming a homeowner into the building process.

“This was a really fun project. We had just gotten the plans laid out and were getting ready to break ground, and then it immediately turned into a custom project,” explains Ashley Stinson, lead designer with Cain Development, LLC. “We were excited about that because it gave us the opportunity to bring it to life with someone else involved. It was made even better by the fact that the homeowner was open to anything we brought to the table, and it was truly a collaboration of ideas.”

A prime example of that trust is the home’s façade. Wanting to deviate from the exclusive white brick homes in the neighborhood, Stinson incorporated a striking Black Fox that now dots the exterior. While white brick still has its place with this home, the darker color helps add a bit of drama to this modern Tudor silhouette.

Builder: Josh and Jordan Cain, Cain Development, LLC
Interior designers: Ashley Stinson and Lynnze Petty, Cain Development, LLC
Architect: Wilder Roots Interior Design

Chef’s Paradise

Stepping inside through the double rain-glass doors transports guests immediately into the heart of the home. To the left is the home’s kitchen, which continues to make an impact with its high-contrast color scheme. This home features not one but two kitchen islands, the first of which is the perfect area to prep a meal. The second furniture-style island features four leather barstools and is better suited for letting guests be part of the conversation while staying out of the action. The entire room presents a fun duality with its use of Snowbound upper cabinets and clean white quartz countertops, which are paired with Caviar lower cabinetry.

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Passing through a large stone archway grants access to the dining room. “The stonework here is great because it adds something to the design without it being a color or an element that is distracting,” explains Stinson. “It adds texture and dimension. Since this home is more of an open concept, the decision to include the arch really helped define both the kitchen and dining area.”

In the dining room, a black wooden table sits front and center under a minimalist and modern pendant light. Both black in color, these elements work alongside six white parsons chairs and plenty of natural light to keep the room from being overly heavy.

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“The fireplace is one of my favorite elements in this home. It fits beautifully and provides an architectural element while maintaining the clean, simple look that we were going for.”
– Ashley Stinson, Cain Development, LLC

limestone mantel in white living room with natural lighting


Several steps away, the ceiling opens up to create a spacious great room. A plush white sectional encircles a wooden coffee table, and several decorative but comfortable pillows and throws are a cozy addition. A flat-screen TV rests above a limestone mantel, which fits perfectly into the surroundings. “The fireplace is one of my favorite elements in this home,” says Stinson, “When you’re near it, you realize just how large it is, but the scale is perfect for the room because of the tall ceilings and size of the living space. It fits beautifully and provides an architectural element while maintaining the clean, simple look that we were going for.”

Also helping to provide balance to the room is a massive wagon wheel light fixture. Sporting the home’s signature black frame and candle-style bulb, this lighting element helps to take up space without becoming too over-the-top.

Interior styling: featherlane design co. llc
Lighting fixtures: Inline Lighting

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Just off of the living room is an expansive covered deck. Composite decking is a durable choice, and sleek cable railing means virtually unobstructed views into the wooded backyard. A patterned rug is topped with an outdoor sectional, and two ottomans round out the arrangement and provide extra seating.

“One thing I think we are known for at Cain Development is our attention to detail. We love to go the extra mile and incorporate little features that might not be apparent at first, but they can be gradually uncovered and really help make a space,” explains Stinson. “For example, on the porch, instead of doing a standard install of a tongue-and-groove ceiling, we incorporated a herringbone pattern.”

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Also on the main floor of the home is the master suite, which takes a softer approach. Blacks are traded for grays, and several large windows give this space a feeling of serenity. A fiddle leaf fig is tucked into a corner, and another botanical essence can be found in the prints hanging above the king-size bed. Two nightstands contain mirrored elements, and their cone-shaped metal lamps are an amusing take on modernity.

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short hallway leads into master bathroom


A short hallway leads past a closet and into the master bathroom, but a sliding door with exposed hardware means this part of the home can easily be sectioned off. “This entire home is really streamlined,” explains Stinson. “There are a lot of clean lines, and many of the materials we used were selected because of their maintenance and durability appeal.”

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One such material is the satin nickel hardware in the bathroom. These elements continue the heightened use of metal and pop against the black cabinetry. Arched mirrors add a softness to the room, and the curvature is repeated in a footless soaking tub. “It took a while for us to find the right tub for this space,” Stinson elaborates. “We wanted a black shell to tie in with the cabinetry, but at the same time, we didn’t want anything overly feminine.”

The tub is completed with a floor-mounted faucet, while sconces above the vanity emit a faint glow. Charm is added to the room through a herringbone pattern on the floor, and bits of greenery drive home the spa aesthetic. Like with every other area of the home, this room showcases a delicate balance and uses color, pattern, and texture in a way that is refined and elegant without being unapproachable.

Other suppliers: Appliances: AllSouth Appliance Group, Inc. | Brick, fireplace, and tile: Acme Brick, Tile & Stone | Cabinetry: Hitson Cabinets, Inc. | Closets: Therm-Con | Counters: Chattanooga Granite & Marble | Exterior doors, interior doors, and ironwork: Collins Building Materials | Floors: Hank’s Carpet & Flooring | Landscaping: RECZ Landscaping | Plumbing fixtures: Noland


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