Morning Pointe Senior Living Celebrates 25 Years of Service

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Raising the Bar in Senior Care

Transitioning a loved one into assisted living can be a wearisome process for all parties, and no one understands this better than the team at Morning Pointe Senior Living. For 25 years, they have been raising the bar in elderly care, expanding upon the offerings of traditional assisted living and creating a more accessible, empowering lifestyle for retirement-age residents. In many ways, Morning Pointe has breathed new life into aging.  

Franklin Farrow and Greg Vital, founders of Morning Pointe


The quarter-century-long success of Morning Pointe can be credited to the unique skillsets of co-founders Greg A. Vital and J. Franklin Farrow, as well as generations of wise mentors and a thoughtfully curated team of passionate caregivers. But, like many successful companies, Morning Pointe Senior Living has a humble origin story. 

In 1997, Vital and Farrow launched a new venture – Independent Healthcare Properties (IHP), a healthcare real estate company. “At that time,” Vital says, “all we had was a business plan and our last paychecks from our former employer.” With a vision and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial determination, the pair set out on a journey to provide a better quality of living for seniors through the development of brick-and-mortar communities. 

Soon after, the elderly care industry underwent a significant market shift. People were living longer and staying healthier, and they wanted more options. Vital and Farrow responded by advancing their operation to meet those needs and more. “We realized that to provide the best possible service, we needed to assemble a management team and provide our own operations,” Vital says. Thereupon, Morning Pointe Senior Living was born. 

Today, Morning Pointe has 36 senior campuses located in five states across the Southeast. “What we’ve tried to do is change the outlook on the aging experience and add life to assisted living,” says Vital.

Set apart by innovative care offerings and advanced technology, this mission-centered management company offers specialized services in assisted living and Alzheimer’s memory care. “We offer a comprehensive care model,” says Farrow. Innovations like a farm-to-table dining program, in-house physical and occupational therapy partner programs, and memory care programs for residents living with Alzheimer’s disease have added value to an already thriving business model. “We also have pharmacies delivering medications two to three times a day,” Farrow adds. 

Where do these great ideas originate? According to Vital, it’s rarely from the top. “A lot of our best ideas come from people experiencing our communities,” he says. “There’s a heart for what they do. Our people really do see themselves as doing something unique and special and compassionate.” 

Passion has sustained the Morning Pointe team and kept them looking forward through a variety of hardships. The company has endured and overcome devastation from a powerful EF-3 tornado, recessions, and most recently, a pandemic that created a significant learning curve for how to care for elderly residents isolated from their loved ones. 

“When those tragedies hit, we relied on friends and mentors who are wise in the ways of business,” says Farrow. “They reassured
us and encouraged us to get up, and keep going,” And persist Morning Pointe has. Looking toward the future, Vital and Farrow are focused on building more facilities and promoting workforce development. “We have a strong commitment to working with our academic institutions to develop the next generation of nurses and provide career paths for all types of professions in the senior care industry,” says Vital. 

A dogged sense of purpose among all who are part of the Morning Pointe Senior Living family has driven the company’s progression, with more locations, more partnerships, and now a foundation with connections to nearly a dozen community colleges and universities. “I’m very proud of the team that we have across the board that delivers care,” says Vital. “They’re the current – the tide that lifts all ships,” he adds. “Here’s to 25 more years of advancing care to exceed the needs of the elderly.”

In celebration of its 25-year anniversary, Morning Pointe invites the public to participate in a special campaign called 25,000 touches. “This campaign is not only a tribute to our 25 years of service, but it also represents our desire to reengage human touch with human hearts,” says Farrow. “It’s about us giving back and getting others to be involved in their communities and with their seniors.” To get involved in the many different life-enriching activities happening across its footprint, contact a local Morning Pointe or call 877.776.4683.



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