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By Rinn Smith | Top Photo by Bekah Berry/Creative Revolver

Here in the South, we place a lot of importance on making our houses into homes. From welcoming spaces for family gatherings to dedicated areas for hobbies like making art or gardening, our homes reflect our values and our personalities. Here, we feature four local women who bring their eye for fashion to life in their home décor. Read on to learn how each of them have curated their personal spaces to let their unique personalities shine through.

stephanie dark and her walk-in closet filled with luxury brand clothes and accessories

Stephanie Dark

Photos by Jimie Luangrath/Creative Revolver

For Stephanie Dark, dressing to impress doesn’t necessarily mean racing to keep up with the latest fads. “I’m at an age where trying to impress people is no longer in vogue,” she explains. “I follow my own rules regarding my style, and that has made my home a beautiful sanctuary for my family and friends.”

Dark’s style has evolved over the years with influence from fashionable women who came before her. “My biggest style inspiration would be my mother who has always been an amazing decorator and dresser. I also loved the looks of Diahann Carroll and Coco Chanel – two style icons who were both simple and flawless,” Describing her style as transitional comfort, Dark adds, “I love the look of being put together without trying too hard, and I don’t mind mixing high-end and low-end pieces to complete a look. I also love pops of color, and yellow is my go-to.”

walk-in closet filled with luxury brand clothes and accessories

As a lover of purses, shoes, and high-end fashion, this boutique-style closet is a perfect example of how Dark’s personal style comes to life in her home. Everything from the island to a mannequin made by artist Sheryl Benford was custom-designed. “When I walk into my closet, I feel a sense of peace and a joy regarding the items I have collected over time,” she says.

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ann trammell bakhaus

Ann Trammell Bakhaus

Photos by Bekah Berry/Creative Revolver

For Ann Trammell Bakhaus, curating a personal style is all about thinking outside the box. “I’ve always described my style as feminine with a little edge – nothing too sweet. I love throwing together color combinations that you wouldn’t expect and creating looks that are truly unique,” she says.

cozy living room with colorful southwestern tones

Bakhaus’ style is on full display in her open living and dining room, where playful details – from bright pops of color and bold patterns to fun textures – make the house feel like home for her and her husband. “It’s a vibrant showcase of my personality. This eclectic mix, reflective of my bold choices, has transformed our house into a home, uniquely ours in every sense,” she explains.

ann trammell bakhaus

“My absolute favorite thing hangs above our dining room table: a scarf I found on a cherished family trip to Capri, a place that I hold near and dear to my heart. I decided it was meant to be displayed rather than worn so that you can see the entire thing,” she recalls. “The vibrant ‘Capri blue’ in the scarf also inspired the bright blue paint we chose for our stairs, tying the whole space together. Every time I look at it, it takes me back to my favorite place on earth.”

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janis harvey

Janis Harvey

Photos by Jimie Luangrath/Creative Revolver

When it comes to design, Janis Harvey’s affinity for clean lines and attention to detail is clear to see in both her personal style and in her home. From fashion to home décor, her look strikes the perfect balance between polished presentation and comfort. “I hope that the feel of both my style and our home is welcoming,” she says.

janis harvey

Janis attributes the evolution of her style to the experiences she’s had throughout her life. “I have lived all over the U.S. and tried on styles from each of the major cities,” she explains. “I am most comfortable throwing on a jacket over some basics … even if only jeans and a tee. I always go back to a few foundational pieces and change the accessories.”

contemporary minimalist room with bright window and large white bear rug

She takes this same approach to home décor, using a consistent color theme and adding fun accessories to elevate her spaces. This light and airy sitting room, which overlooks a beautiful garden, is a perfect example. “I used lots of ivory in this room; it’s a great foundational color that is clean and refreshing,” Janis says. “My favorite piece in here is a glass table by local Columbia, TN, artist Sydney McClain. I like it for its clean and tailored lines and translucency.”

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katie goodwin

Katie Goodwin

Photos by Bekah Berry/Creative Revolver

When it comes to curating a modern farmhouse aesthetic, Katie Goodwin draws inspiration from her life experiences and the natural landscape that surrounds her home. “We moved to Tennessee from California almost five years ago, and I love the open fields and greenery and farms we are surrounded by in Birchwood,” she shares. “I love natural wood and try to incorporate that in our house as much as possible – we tore down a barn and used a lot of that wood throughout our home.”

“I’ve always loved the black and white modern look, but my son loves wearing cowboy hats, my daughter loves riding horses, and we all love farm animals – so I combined all that in my decorating style,” Goodwin explains. The timeless blend of modern and antique pieces throughout the home adds a rustic charm to the space, and thoughtful design has made it a perfect fit for her family. “I love the space we all share. My four kids are always playing games at our big island or building Legos on our dining room table. From my room and dining room, we have the perfect view overlooking our fainting goats and chickens that walk by.”

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