Outdoor Escapes: Urban Green

From the start, this Southside home and garden was a project of reinvention. Constructed in the late 1800s, the building originally functioned as the Marble Works Building. Craig Kronenberg designed the studio next door, so when the client purchased the building in 2006, Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects took on the project.

Repurposed & Contemporary
In redesigning the building, Hefferlin sought to reuse the original materials as much as possible, particularly in the trim and structural reinforcement. Apart from that, materials are contemporary and practical. The concrete deck, stucco walls, and fiberglass on aluminum awnings allow the greens and blues of the garden to saturate the space.
Hurd windows allow light to filter inside and out.

When they started the project, the building had been vacant for years and suffered from water damage and exposure. With the help of Chazler, Inc., Heidi Hefferlin designed plans to demolish the back half of the building, creating an open living space and large private garden in the back. Hefferlin split the building vertically, with a downstairs patio and upstairs balcony spanning the entire back of the home. Her goal for the outdoor space was to create a private outdoor world to escape from the city – a place where the family could relax and entertain friends in a breezy indoor-outdoor setting. Sixteen-foot stone-colored walls encompass the space, providing privacy and a natural aesthetic. Holly Ausdran of Mountaintop Landscaping helped to design the area, focusing on three parts: the patio, pool and wide green space. Continuing the home’s open aesthetic, the back wall of the house is almost all windowed doors, allowing the outdoor and indoor spaces to work together.

Architect: Heidi Hefferlin, Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects | Builder: Chazler, Inc. | Landscaping: Mountaintop Landscaping

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