Outdoor Gear

Chattanooga Shops Gear You Up For Any Adventure Large Or Small

Whether heading out on a faraway adventure or creating one of your own in the backyard, make sure you’re prepared. These local shops and companies can supply you with all you need.


Kelty Low Loveseat

This foldable, easy-carry couch is the perfect height for sitting around the campfire. It gets extra points for a sturdy steel frame, insulated cup holders, and a slightly reclined design.

Yewchati Co.

Cotton Brook Trout Hat

With a medium crown design, lightweight material, and adjustable cotton strap, this brook trout hat is an easy fitting cap. It’s great for a scorcher on the river or for sitting by a mid-autumn campfire. Available at yewchati.com.

Sierra Madre

Puffle 40° Adventure Blanket

Available in down or synthetic insulation for guaranteed warmth, this 52-inch x 80-inch blanket is made to last, as it’s water and tear resistant. Available at sierramadre.camp.


LoAdebar Real Dark Chocolate & Original

A loaded energy bar to keep you going. Available at loadebar.com or at various local shops. SG

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