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There’s nothing like relaxing in your own backyard. And with so many outdoor living elements and accessories available now, you have everything you need to create your perfect outdoor area. Read on for inspiration and ideas from local experts.


Mike Finley, Aquarium Pools of Chattanooga

Mike Finley,
Aquarium Pools of Chattanooga

Creating a spa-like retreat in your backyard gives you the perfect place to relax and entertain. Installing a raised spa with spillways into your main pool creates a luxurious look. Other fun water features you can add include in-floor bubble fountains on your sun shelf or a dramatic waterfall near the deep end. These elements add both beauty and visual interest. Water spouts arching across the pool provide entertainment for kids as well as a focal point that wows company. Surround your pool with travertine tile for its elegant look as well as its cool, smooth – but not slick – surface. Don’t forget to have LED lighting installed, as well as including self-cleaning features in the pool – this will lower your maintenance and help you relax in your backyard resort.



Matthew D. Smisson, The Patio Shop

Matthew D. Smisson,
The Patio Shop

One of the key features of an outdoor space is comfort. Bringing indoor comforts to the outdoors can really create an inviting space to use almost year-round. So many advances in soft, plush, and durable outdoor performance fabrics are available to craft that just-right look while offering long-lasting dependability. Other great advances in outdoor comfort are items like recliners, swivel rocking chairs, and cozy sofas. Gas-fueled fire tables and outdoor heaters allow one to extend the use of their outdoor areas into the cooler months, while also adding ambiance to the space.



Jennifer Poole, General Shale

Jennifer Poole,
General Shale

An outdoor oasis should be designed as an extension of your living space and complement your lifestyle. The warmth of a natural stone fireplace, timeless brick pavers, and enduring stone as ground coverage creates a space of calmness and relaxation. When paired with feature elements, such as stone walls or brick walls, in traditional or contemporary designs, these add richness, textures, and boldness that is long-lasting and low-maintenance. Built with beautiful, low-maintenance materials, your outdoor sanctuary will be relaxing and ideal for entertaining and gathering with family and friends during all seasons.



David Galloway, Royal Pools of Chattanooga

David Galloway,
Royal Pools of Chattanooga

An outdoor kitchen will take your backyard entertainment and relaxation to the next level. To do it well, make sure to have walls facing west and north to block weather elements like wind and rain. Then, for cooking, you’ll need a barbeque cooktop, sink, and small refrigerator. For comfort and relaxation, make sure you have a ceiling fan to cool you down and a fireplace to warm you up, so you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen for most of the year. And for the ultimate convenience, install pull-down screens that can keep bugs away. Last but definitely not least, don’t forget a big-screen TV for game day.



Ron Coker, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer, Master Pools by Artistic Pools, Inc.

Ron Coker, Jr.,
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Master Pools by Artistic Pools, Inc.

An outdoor area should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. It should include elements that bring homeowners out of the comforts of their indoor areas to new comforts outside. Fire and water features are a good beginning. Obviously, the pool is a great focal point for your yard, but outdoor fireplaces and fire pits complement the pool area by adding not only a tangible warmth, but also a spiritual warmth. There is something that calms the soul when you see fire reflecting on water. For a similar effect at a lower cost, you can have ceramic or copper fire bowls that sit atop small columns and are gas-operated. Another soothing invitation outdoors is a moving water element. The background or white noise that is provided by a boulder waterfall, a sheer descent waterfall, or even arcing fountains helps reduce anxiety and adds a sense of tranquility after a stressful day.


fire pit in stone bowl for outdoor design trends in chattanooga

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