Polished & Approachable

In a family-focused home, this tailored and sophisticated living room is still approachable and highly functional while looking fabulous. Warm white walls spread to the cathedral ceiling, which pours natural light in from clerestory windows. The mirror image sofas look sleek and stylish in a textured bone-colored fabric with waterfall skirts. Knife-edge throw pillows and bench seat cushions continue the polished appearance. The upholstery is a performance fabric coated in a protective crypton, making them child-friendly while retaining all of their elegant ambiance. Details in this room were thoughtfully hand-selected to curate an established and meaningful surrounding. Swiveling leather arm chairs work with a wood-planked coffee table in a herringbone pattern to ground the light and airy room with rich color and texture. Other natural elements include rock-based lamps that evoke a hint of zen garden style, while a large, primitive chandelier reinforces the home’s elevated European farmhouse style.


Interior designer: Carter Fowler, The Furniture Shoppe
Furniture and décor: The Furniture Shoppe


Photography by Nathalie DuPré

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