The 2014 Domane 6.9

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The Trek Domane 6.9 is a bike of choice for summer endurance riding. It’s designed to excel as an endurance race bike – and it does so exceptionally with its speed and race day performance. It’s that level of performance paired with inexplicable comfort that makes this bike the ultimate ride.

Specs and Features
The Domane 6.9 has an endurance fit and feel, utilizing a high performance 600 Series OCLV Carbon frame. Performance cable routing allows for nearly flawless shifting in response to any road conditions run into while riding.
The feature that packs the biggest punch on this bike is Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler, which boosts comfort by separating the seat post from the frame – all with zero implications on performance.
The Domane 6.9 is a high caliber product that meets the needs of endurance racers, while still providing the stability and comfort desired by the average rider. For those wanting to take a step further, the bike is also customizable through Trek’s Project One, making the options nearly limitless.


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