Rustic Relaxation

Outdoor Space


In another stunning home, this rustic retreat aims to remind pool-goers of a mountainous body of water. Broom-finished concrete gives way to a flagstone path­way that is placed along a picturesque backdrop. The flagstone used throughout the space ties in seamlessly with large boulders positioned along the landscape. These boulders cul­minate in a large waterfall at one end of the freeform pool. Nearby, a diving board pro­vides a dose of fun, while a fire pit enveloped with the same stone found on the home’s exterior provides a spot to kick back and relax. Inside the pool, a sun ledge offers a great place to beat the heat, and the area’s signature waterfall is complete with an alcove and bench for those looking for extra privacy. With an array of natural stone accentuated by a soothing cascade, this outdoor oasis blends perfectly into the style of the rustic home.


Photography by Philip Slowiak


Pool contractor: Master Pools by Artistic Pools, Inc.

Poolscape architect: Jeff Mittelman, Master Pools by Artistic Pools, Inc.

Landscape architecture: Craig Design Group

Landscaping: Parrish Outdoors, LLC

Outdoor furniture: Fowler Brothers Co.

Stone: Acme Brick, Tile & Stone

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