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The DeMoss Home

John and Sarah DeMoss loved their home on Lookout Mountain, but as the years passed and their three children grew older, the duo began yearning for a home with plenty of land where their kids could adventure, explore, and be closer to nature.


By Christina Davenport | Photography by Jimie Luangrath/Creative Revolver


When Sarah stumbled upon this tract of land, she felt an overwhelming sense of serenity and knew this was the perfect place to raise their children. Fast forward two years after closing on the property, and the DeMosses have cultivated a distinct style of living that marries natural beauty with form and function. 

“Part of what we love about this place is that so much of the surrounding land is undisturbed and will never be disturbed,” explains John. “This development shares 300 acres between all of its residents and is adjacent to a land trust and a connector trail, so that’s a real treat. The whole experience of living here feels like a tradition. It’s perfect for a family like ours who wants both togetherness but also nature and solitude.”

Nowhere is this celebration of relationships and natural beauty more apparent than on the home’s front deck. The multi-level deck is ripe with seating arrangements. A trio of driftwood benches, numerous rocking chairs, a covered gazebo with a picnic table, and a fireplace surrounded by Adirondack chairs are all options for friends and family members looking to kick back and relax. Hand-chipped stone encompasses the majority of the home’s exterior, with intermittent portions covered in horizontal Siberian Larch planks. 

“When we first started building, my wife and I made a list of a lot of things that we liked about other homes and tried to incorporate those into the design,” explains John. “One of the biggest features we wanted was to have a plethora of outdoor living space to take advantage of the overwhelming beauty outside.”

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Stepping through a set of solid wood doors flanked by sidelights transports guests into the home’s foyer, which is open to the great room. 

“We really designed the entire house around this one room, and we wanted to continue that sense of togetherness and community, despite the house’s size,” says John. “We didn’t build a large home for ourselves as much as out of a desire to be able to offer up our home to others.”

Thirty-foot ceilings contribute to a sense of grandeur, which is further enhanced by a library area. A large TV is hidden among stacks and stacks of books, and a ladder granting access to the top shelf offers old-world charm. 


stacked stone fireplace in living room with wood paneled walls and ceilings


The center of the room features a pair of leather couches and armchairs, while the opposite side of the room is home to a stunning wood-burning fireplace where stone stretches upward to meet the slanted ceiling. 

“I love the fireplace,” says John. “Some of my favorite areas of the home are where it feels like you’re surrounded by stone, and this is one of those.”

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Passing through a stone archway that leads to the sunroom, guests find themselves facing the main dining space. The same white oak seen throughout the rest of the home cloaks the ceiling, walls, and floors, and a beautiful farmhouse-style table sits in the middle of the room, surrounded by 10 leather parsons chairs. Refreshment stations to the right make accommodating guests effortless, and the room’s large threshold makes it easy to be involved with any dealings in the kitchen.

“I really like the juxtaposition of fine finishes with raw materials,” explains John. “There is a lot of stone and wood that sit right next to crystal chandeliers or marble counters. You get the feel of a high-end spa with the serenity of nature. The stone and wood blend right into the landscape here, which is so peaceful.”

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In the kitchen, floor-to-ceiling white shaker cabinetry isn’t hard to come by, and cabinetry-style appliances are discretely interwoven. A light gray island is topped with quartzite, and two crystal pendant chandeliers elevate the space. Four rotating barstools offer views of the front pasture through a large bank of windows. Marble countertops run along the perimeter and also comprise the backsplash behind the range.

“Some people don’t love marble because of the maintenance, but I find that it develops a wonderful character over time that is really unique,” says John. “My wife is also the best cook I know, and I wanted to give her the best kitchen she could imagine. We went for high-end functionality and don’t regret a thing.”

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breakfast nook with built in gray bench seating, wood paneled walls and ceiling, and an accent stained glass window

Steps away from the kitchen is a breakfast nook that features gray bench seating with plenty of storage. A small wooden table in the center provides the perfect spot to grab a quick, informal meal, and a pane of stained glass at the far end is an exquisite but often unheeded detail.

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Walking to the upper level of the home takes visitors to the master suite. A white quilt and corresponding textiles match the white bed frame, and a bay window makes space for a small seating arrangement. Gray velvet fabric contrasts the wooden beaded frame but mimics the color of the surrounding window treatments. Dark metal sconces, along with a stylish pendant chandelier, dot the space and are paired with recessed fixtures and windows for plenty of light. 

Traveling down a short hallway and rounding a corner takes guests to the spacious master bathroom. An animal pelt rug rests under another crystal chandelier, and not far away, a clawfoot soaking tub sits by a window. 

Lincoln marble countertops run the length of the vanity, and the cabinetry matches that of the kitchen. Cool grays and whites harmonize with the home’s signature white oak for a unique ambience – one that has retained a spa-like aura while still leaning into the beauty of natural materials. 

“I love that the property and house have so many places to find some quiet and rest. My wife and I have remarked on countless occasions that we feel like we are on vacation at home,” says John. “The characteristic that most summarizes this place and our enjoyment of it is peace. It is a peaceful, remote place that facilitates well the idea of escaping the worries of the world while having a plethora of ways in which to engage in the natural world that surrounds us.”

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