Shareable Fare

Whether it’s splitting an appetizer to save room for the main event or ordering a side dish to indulge in additional flavors, sharing food can elevate your fine dining experience. Here, local restaurants display small plates that were made to share.

Roasted Artichoke

Photo by Flint Chaney Photography

roasted artichoke

Frazier Five & Dime

Roasted artichoke, Calabrian chili aioli

“The roasted artichoke is one of our feature dishes at the restaurant. In fact, it was one of the first conceived plates of Frazier Five & Dime. Perfect for sharing, the artichoke is grilled to achieve a level of char that deepens the flavor of this normally underutilized ingredient.” – Reed Trimble, Chef

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Figs & Feta

Easy Bistro

Photo by Emily Pérez Long

figs and feta dish

Arugula, Wheeler’s Orchard apples, thyme, almond, white grape vinaigrette, fig leaf oil

“This dish is a great example
of utilizing the bounty of a season to highlight flavors that go well together. The sweetness of figs and the spiciness of arugula, balanced with fig leaf oil and great feta, make a late summer treat.” – Erik Niel, Head Chef & Owner

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Chilled Seafood Tower

Photo by Rich Smith

chilled seafood towerBridgeman’s Chophouse

Lobster, colossal shrimp, oysters, jumbo lump blue crab, roasted garlic lemon aioli, Bridgeman’s cocktail sauce, horseradish, traditional mignonette sauce


“The Chilled Seafood Tower has something for everyone. Lobster, shrimp, oysters, and a crab salad with four sauces that pair perfectly with the dish allows you to mix and match to fit your tastes. We prepare it to serve two or four, so it’s a great starter for any party size.” – Chris Harwood, Food & Beverage Director at The Read House

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Sautéed Sea Scallops

Photo by Emily Pérez Long

sauteed scallops

St. John’s Restaurant

Curried butternut squash purée, Wheeler’s Orchard grapes, quinoa, arugula, roasted pumpkin seeds, parsley oil

“I have always thought that a perfect dining experience is about sharing – the joy of getting together with loved ones and friends to share flavors and memories, and to make new ones with each experience. One of my favorite things to do is to pass all the plates around the table so that everyone has a chance to enjoy every dish. Sautéed sea scallops are one of my go-to shareable dishes. Scallops are a great way to kick-start the palate, with a diversity of flavor that lends itself to every changing season.” – Patrick Sawyer, Executive Chef

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Smoked Salmon Toast

Photo by Flint Chaney Photography

smoked salmon toastWooden City Chattanooga

Beet relish, egg mousse, pickled red onion, whipped crème fraîche, fresh dill

“We love this dish because it combines refined ingredients and techniques, but it can be enjoyed casually as a shareable handheld item. We plate this separately on two halves of thick-sliced Niedlov’s sourdough, and we like to think sharing the Smoked Salmon Toast is the perfect way for two people to start their meal with us. It’ll leave you appreciating the fresh ingredients and flavors we’re known for, without spoiling your appetite for a second course.” – Jon Green, Chef and Owner

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Baked Feta & Spicy Marinara

Photo by Flint Chaney Photography

baked feta spicy marinara

Il Primo

Baked feta, spicy marinara, garlic crostini

“Baked Feta & Spicy Marinara is a classic American Italian shareable plate. You would find something very similar in the iconic restaurants of New York City. Sheep’s milk feta, red chili, and house marinara broiled together make a wonderful sauce with a warming flavor to enjoy with others.” – Oscar Ixcot, Chef

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Fried Green Tomatoes

Photo by Flint Chaney Photography

Fried Green Tomatoes WhitebirdWhitebird

Cornbread-crusted colossal green tomatoes, house-smoked pork belly, pepper jam, Appalachian heirloom grits, friese, lemon vinaigrette

“Dining these days, mini is more! The experience of smaller plates and shareable menus has become a trend amongst diners. Whitebird has a unique social dining environment and shareable menu where a group of people can be adventurous together and try out several small plates. Shareable menus combine the joy of sharing a meal with the thrill of trying something new. A fan favorite is our Fried Green Tomatoes.” – Andrew Holmes, Vice President of Food and Beverage at Vision Hospitality Group

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Burnt Georgia Peach

Photo by Flint Chaney Photography

burnt georgia peach

The Creag

Georgia peach, whipped goat cheese, crispy speck ham

“Our Burnt Georgia Peach presents a moment of sweet and savory that pairs excellently with a bottle of bubbles for an elegant beginning to your dining experience at The Creag.” – Michael Price, Executive Chef

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Smoked Salmon Dip

Photo by Flint Chaney Photography

smoked salmon dip and wine

In-house smoked salmon, fresh dill, crÈme FraÎche, lemon zest, lemon juice, aioli, vidalia onions, chopped chives, cornichons, dash of cayenne pepper

“Artfully crafted seasonal dishes begin with shareable plates. Slices of lightly toasted garlic butter baguette are garnished with the salmon dip and served family-style for our guests to enjoy. One of our favorite wines to pair with the smoked salmon dip is a sauvignon blanc. The fresh acidity of the sauvignon blanc cuts through the smoke and fattiness of the fish while cleansing the palate.” – Justin Haifley, Chef

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