Showstopping Entrées


When it comes to fine dining, every dish is designed to impress, but some entrées bring out all the stops. Here, chefs from six local restaurants showcase the pièce de résistance of their menus. Whether it’s in preparation or plating, these elevated dishes bring their best to the table.

Photography by David and Drew Photography

ruth's chris steak house

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Tomahawk Ribeye

USDA Prime, bone-in, 40-ounce
specialty cut, well-marbled for peak flavor

chef james hester

“A must-try for steak enthusiasts, the Tomahawk Ribeye is among the most flavorful cuts you can find and boasts an impressive bone that makes this hearty chop a feast for the eyes (as well as your stomach)!” Chef James Hester

Warehouse Row


Easy Bistro


Main Street Meats andouille sausage ragu, turnip greens, Tomme de Lafayette

Photos by Kristina Armstrong

chef joe milenkovic

“This dish is considered showstopping because of its simplicity, authenticity, and color palette. Gramigna is a curlicue and hollow-shaped pasta that we make with two different doughs, one containing vibrant green parsley. This technique is called ‘Paglia e Fieno,’ as the pasta resembles ‘straw and hay.’ The preparation of the dish is inspired by a classic pasta from Puglia called orecchiette con salsiccia e cime di rapa. Instead of orecchiette, we use the gramigna shape and make a ragu of andouille sausage, both techniques from a northern province of Italy called Modena.” Chef Joe Milenkovic

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55-60 day dry-aged ny strip

Zaya 1943 Korean Steakhouse

55-60 Day Dry-Aged NY Strip

Expertly sliced and delicately served atop a bed of fresh greens, accompanied by white rice and assorted banchan

Photos by Rich Smith

chef shawn lee

“This dish embodies a harmonious fusion of Korean tradition and American innovation, intertwining Korean flavors with our in-house dry-aged steak, tenderized to perfection through a sous vide method. Pair it with a refreshing bottle of soju, which perfectly complements the rich flavors of the dish.”  Chef SHAWN LEE

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number ten chattanooga's 40-ounce bone-in ribeye

Number Ten Chattanooga

40-Ounce Bone-In Ribeye

Served with signature sauces, Chimichurri, Horseradish Cream,
Bordeaux, and Peppercorn, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts with Parmesan and balsamic reduction

chef seth charest

“Our Tomahawk steak is freshly cut daily off the loins. It pairs beautifully with all our sides, especially the Brussels sprouts. I mean … just look at it.” Chef Seth Charest

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spring chicken


Spring Chicken

Hot salsa, cucumber yogurt, kabsa

chef khaled albanna

“The Spring Chicken is a newcomer to Calliope’s menu of modern Levantine dishes. The dish features a whole young chicken, marinated in a mix of tomatoes, harissa, herbs, and aromatics. Roasted until crispy, it is served with a warm, zesty salsa similar to its marinade, as well as rice and cucumber yogurt with a hint of fennel. This dish is a twist on a traditional kabsa, a chicken and rice dish that is prominent in the cuisine of the Arabian Peninsula.” Chef Khaled Albanna

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st. john's restaurant's pickett's ranch trout

St. John’s Restaurant

Pickett’s Ranch Trout

Green romesco, green tomato panzanella salad, sherry vinaigrette, chili oil

chef patrick sawyer

“For me, a showstopping entrée is comprised of fresh local ingredients that are true to our region. This dish is fully locally-sourced, from the Pickett’s Ranch trout to the green romesco on the base of the plate from Big Sycamore Farms. This is our way of putting essential spring ingredients into one cohesive dish.” Chef Patrick Sawyer

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