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Some of us are already dusting off the fall décor, while others are clinging to the last remnants of summer. Luckily, there’s something for everyone on this spirituous list. The following whiskey and moonshine varieties are sure to keep you cozy as you curl up and wait for the leaves to change color. For elegance that transcends seasons, this pinot noir will elevate your casual night in to a lavish domestic respite. Lastly, for the sunny-season long-haulers, there’s a vibrant sparkling rosé that can lighten all of your autumnal aversions. 


By Olivia Halverson /  Photography by Emily Pérez Long


Rittenhouse,  Bottled in Bond Straight  Rye Whiskey 100 Proof

Rittenhouse, Bottled in Bond Straight
Rye Whiskey 100 Proof 

Rye whiskies have a reputation for being bold and spicy, but this variety presents a more mellow profile. As you savor each sip, you’ll pick up on notes of dried bananas and peach. A subtle presence of white pepper gives this whiskey just enough heat to balance out the more noticeable fruit flavors. Despite its 100-proof label, Rittenhouse’s Bottled in Bond rye is easy to sip neat. You can also incorporate it into your favorite whiskey cocktail.






Ole Smoky  Apple Pie  Moonshine

Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine

This dangerously delicious spirit lives up to its namesake. At a very drinkable 40 proof, Ole Smoky Apple Pie moonshine promises to warm you up from the inside out. Flavored with pure apple juice, ground cinnamon, and other spices, it tastes and smells just like a homemade apple pie. And you don’t even need a fork to enjoy it – you can sip it straight from the jar. 







La Vieille Ferme  Réserve Sparkling Rosé

La Vieille Ferme Réserve Sparkling Rosé

For those who may be reluctant to leave refreshing summer sips behind, this sparkling rosé will help ease the palate into a new season. This French varietal from Jean Pierre Perrin may be inexpensive, but it glistens with elegance. On the nose, expect to find enticing hints of raspberry and strawberry. On the palate, you’ll experience refreshing notes of citrus and white flowers. This effervescent rosé provides just the right amount of bubbly bliss for any occasion.







Böen Pinot Noir

Böen Pinot Noir

Böen wines are known for their ripe fruit flavors and hints of toasty oak – and this pinot noir is no exception. The grapes themselves were farmed in a cool-climate region. From its conception, this wine is practically made to be enjoyed during cool weather seasons. As you bring the glass to your nose, you’ll sense notes of cherry, cocoa, and marionberry. On the tongue, you’ll experience cherry, cola, and sweet baking spice flavors, complete with a velvety finish. 

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